The Influencer Series pt. 3

In case you’ve missed my recent interviews with a few of the influencers below, here are a few snippets from the IG Live Segments. To see the full interviews, head over to my Instagram account @briana.nicole03 as they are all saved to my IGTV. New Instagram Lives are done weekly!


Talking style with Cara Gordon @Cara_Gordon

“My background is in editorial, I feel like fashion in general is changing and there used to be a certain way to sell clothes in an editorial and I love an editorial for creative sake.. there is a little bit more of an avantegarde twist. Celebrity (style) is more of where we are going (in contrast to editorial).”

Talking Lifestyle with Janelle @janellemacandile

“There are so many products I swear by, one of the best tips I could ever give is to use your sunscreen. Don’t forget to include your neck and hands because you see your signs of aging there too.”

Tik Tok Tips with Labels with lattes @labelswithlattes

“Posting every single day, 3-4 times a day, following trends, using popular hashtags and select sounds that are popular and trending”

Fashion and Biology with Shelly @shellycakess

“Every field studies class we had a trip where we would stay out in nature.. there was no restrooms, it was rual, no signal and my tent got flooded. It was knarly but I loved it.”

Talking Makeup Tips from Tik Tok with Priscilla @priscillavv

“Beauty techniques have enhanced my overall way of putting on makeup. There is always a good three that I have in my everyday routine”

Fashion PR with Stella @xostellarose

“You meet people everywhere you go, you meet people who are important and important to your journey, I think that is so key. When I was in London I volunteered at Fashion week and I ended up in a cab with the founder of the PR firm.

Talking influencing with Martha @martis.raya

“I was going through a rough time in my life, (taking pictures) kept me busy and eventually I noticed my following was growing and companies were reaching out to me.”

The Graphic Tee

I’ve been very into T-shirts over the course of quarantine since they are such an easy staple piece to throw on. I am actually really picky about my graphic shirts though. First is of course the picture itself. I don’t like wearing band tees when I can’t name one of the songs. But if it’s a cool enough graphic I’ll bend my rule. Second is the fit. I like an oversized fit. It can’t be too oversized because I am short so it makes me appear to be even shorter. And I do not like thick tees like comfort colors if I plan on tucking it into denim. I recently found the perfect graphic tee in my opinion. It is from Vici and is mostly white (a white tee is my go-to) and has a pop of pink. Easy to put on the grid and super comfy too!

Let’s take a look at the origins of the graphic tee.

Tee shirts themselves started off as an undergarment issued by the Navy. While the tee had originally trickled into fashion, it really began to boom in the 1950s when screen printing began to be more accessible to designers. Bands began to utilize this in the 1960-70s as an early form of merch. In the ’80s and ’90s it was filtered into mainstream media and portrayed logos.

Graphic tees are one of those pieces that you can always bet will be found in Wal-mart or a Forever 21. While they are not trending at the moment, they are one of those items that will always have a place in your closet.

Want an easy way to style an oversized graphic tee with a skirt? Tuck it into your underwire bra… thank me later.

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Fashion Archives: A Look into the History of the Graphic T-Shirt

My Fall Wish List

I am so ready for the cooler weather for fall and I have also been seeing some new fashion trends slowly arise. I thought I would do a small round-up of the items that are on my fall wishlist. As always, click on the picture for a direct link to the item!

Varsity Cardigan


Sweater Vest


Knitted Shorts



Health + Wellness Tips from your Favorite Influencers

I have really been into health + wellness recently and I have been enjoying listening to podcasts because you get to hear a bit about what works for someone else that might work for you. That gave me an idea to reach out to a few of my friends to ask what they do for their health + wellness routine in general. I did not give any guidelines because I know that looks different for everyone. I love the range of answers that came about and I thought it might be helpful for you too.

Esther from @itsestherlane

“Wellness starts with loving yourself. When you love yourself you choose what will work for you best in all aspects of life!”

Kristina from @laughloveandhippie

“Drink a lot of water, have good sex and get your beauty sleep.”

Gina from @gigitrends

Establish a solid, healthy morning routine. “Having a healthy morning routine that I follow every day has really changed my life. Finding what gets me motivated and stress-free to start my day on a good note. So I read The Daily Stoic every day, journal my thoughts, drink lots of water, and do a meditation. Just a few things that get my mind ready to tackle on the day.”

Shelly from @shellycakess

“Be kind to yourself and your body. Fuel it with healthy Whole Foods & you will see a change in your overall health & skin.”

Genesis from @genesiskubilis

“Prioritize my mental health whether it’s getting extra sleep, drinking water, or journaling. My mental health comes first.”

Alexis from @lexialcala

“When it comes to health and wellness for me it’s all about a balance. But some things I don’t skip out on are my Vitamin C pull every morning and adding Ashwagandha to my smoothie. I also have incorporated 15 minutes of meditation yoga, depending on my day I’ll do this first thing in the morning or end my day with it. I don’t like to follow along to a video because that can be a little distracting for me, so instead, I set my 15-minute alarm, turn on my music and just start stretching/moving. Food-wise, I keep it strict 4 days out of the week meaning no bread, very little sugar, and adding greens/veggies into all my meals. The other days I’ll keep 2 meals healthy and maybe splurge for one of the meals because I’m a foodie and food makes me happy.”

Vanessa from @whatvanessawears

“I love my morning juices to start off my day. Green juice in the morning and later in the day I’ll have a carrot juice to take my sweet tooth away. And lots of water and a good 7-8 hour sleep.”

Diana from @ootd.diana

“So my #1 tip for mental health is always putting at least 10 minutes a day for self-care. With an extremely busy schedule, it’s easy to forget about the little things and become overwhelmed and stressed. But it is always good to know how to slow down and unwind. Even if it is something as simple as doing yoga for 5-10 minutes before you start your day, journaling, watching your favorite blogger on Youtube, or putting on a face mask before bed. Do it for you.

Gina from @teeniegeniestyle

“At least 8 hours of sleep and drink at least a gallon of water a day. It will improve your skin, mood, energy, and the best part it’s free.

Genesse from @stylewithgen

Daily tips that she lives by

  • Drink lots of water (I shoot for 64 oz daily) I add lemon to make it more fun
  • Try to eliminate all processed sugars
  • Read the ingredients label on everything to make sure you’re eating clean
  • Never sleep with your makeup on. I do my skincare routine EVERY NIGHT (& morning too)

“Also I’ve come to realize that it’s ok if I only have time for 15 min workout because some movement is better than nothing. I used to beat myself up if I couldn’t get a full hour-long workout in but not I’ve been loving short daily workouts!”

Debby from @trynfinddebby

“I would say one of my favorite tips is to listen to your body. Your body is different from everyone else’s and it’s important to know what works for you and what doesn’t

Thrifting Haul

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel x

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Today’s video is about thrifting and reselling your clothes. I usually try to sell items back before I buy anything. Unfortunately, I did not find anything on this trip, so I showed off pieces that I have gotten second hand!

Sandal Round-Up

I haven’t done a shopping round-up in a while so I thought I would do one for some sleek summer sandals. The heat does not seem to be letting up so here are a few of my current favorites. Click on the shoe to be directed to the shopping page.

Where do you shop for your shoes?




Steve Madden


Zaful Haul – 3 Outfits for under $100

All items came out to be under $100

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Blue Bikini :

Hair Clip Set :

Purple Bikini :

Purple Shorts :

Denim Shorts :

Purse :

White Dress :



Mini Haul



Sans Souci Dress :

Sans Souci Blazer :

Sans Souchi Top :

Purple Dress :

SheIn Purple Bag :,RJ_NoFaultTolerant~~Customers%20Also%20Viewed~~SPcProductDetailCustomersAlsoViewedList~~0~~0

Brown Bag :

Black Backless Top :

Nasty Gal Pants :

Pretty Little Thing White Top :

Pretty Little Thing Crop Top :