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Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of giving let’s focus on giving back to the smaller shops and boutiques that have the coolest pieces. Here is a short round-up of a few trendy businesses that you should check out this season. They also have some great sales for Black Friday so be sure to tell your friends exactly what is on your wishlist before they run out!

What’s on your wishlist?

Tropicalm : 20% off everything

Miholany : 10-15% off, some are going to be 25% off and all glasses are going to be $7.50

Gypsy Queen : 8-9am – 40% off, 9-12 pm – 30% off, 12-2pm – 20 % off, 2-5pm – 15% off then 5 til midnight 10% off

Soo Ready : 25% off sitewide 11/27-11/30 and free shipping on $75 or more

Hoes Mad : 40% off sale

Viracuda :  Black Friday sale till Monday. 20% off everything

Vanna Zee : 15% off starting 11/26

Halite Clothing :

Uncommon Lux : For Black Friday through Christmas, the entire site will be 25% off

Trend Alert

If you have seen my recent Instagram stories, you may have seen that I have been spotting a lot of mix-matched tops and pants that have been popping up. I am really liking this creative streetwear trend. Not only do the fabrics look like they have just been pieced together, but I like how the pleating has an inside-out effect and makes it look a bit more grungy. I definitely think this is going to come and go quickly as it is not a style everyone will get behind. It is definitely something that is fun though as I have seen it on Luisa Piou on tik tok which seems to be bringing the look a bit more mainstream.

What do you think about this trend?

*As always click on the photo to shop and photos are not my own*

The Ragged Priest

Rebel Flow

Love, Hayley

The Influencer Series

Talking Fashion + Lifestyle Influencing with @im_lola__
“There’s this category of moms that is good-looking they take care of themselves, they are into self-care but they have teenage kids that I identify with”
Talking Styling with @bianca.ires
“I try to experiment with different things at different times and different occasions. I really like streetwear but also cute little dresses”
Talking Balancing Life and Content Creation with @yasmeengarcia
“Everybody is an influencer, my friends who just post everyday life are influencing people.”
Talking Acting and Influencing with @themariahrobinson
“It was very surreal at first being on set and everyone having to wear your masks.” “It was probably the best experience of my life.”

Trending : Pleather

Sweater weather? You mean pleather weather. (I’m ashamed to admit that I wrote that down in my phone just to remember for this post.) Of course faux leather is huge for the cooler months. Pleather for Winter? Groundbreaking. -Miranda Presley

But seriously, I am loving the faux leather blazers, trousers and satchels, oh my! And as the neutral queen that I am, I rounded up a few good ones for you to check out below.

What is the one fabric you are LOVING right now?

I assume that the faux leather industry is similar to the faux fur industry as it is better for the animals when the fabric is imitation but probably has some kind of effect on the environment. While I do not know the statistics on the leather industry (please comment if you do) I again assume that it is a segment of fast fashion. The pants that I have pictured were only $25 and while I plan to make good use out of them, not everyone can or does. This again seems to be a toss-up but worth looking into if you are interested in a long-wear pair.

Pants : Forever 21

How to Make your Outfits Dynamic

Here’s one thing about me, when I am getting ready, there has to be a certain balance in my outfit. A lot of the time I feel like something is missing or I need a focal point. I remember seeing some of the girls in my sorority in college get dressed up to take pictures and thinking to myself, there’s nothing special about their outfit. It wasn’t me trying to put them down, but in my head, it just wasn’t that dynamic. What takes a story to the next level to win a Pulitzer? The uniqueness, the innovation, the simple details that draw the reader in.

When I dissect an outfit I love I analyze every detail. My long skinny jeans will not give me the same effect as a girl wearing the same jeans that hit perfectly at her ankles. And it seems pretty easy to know how to mix up an outfit when you know what you’re looking for! While a regular sweater, jeans, and booties from Nordstrom will do great on the gram, I’m looking to mix up the lengths and fits to make it unique. Maybe it’s just the subtle things that I notice that don’t mean much to others, but if they’re into styling they know what I mean.

The most common way to enhance your outfit is, of course, accessories. I’m no longer a fan of a chunky necklace, but to me a thin gold chain can make all the difference. A bag that matches your nail color draws the eye to your hands. A monochromatic look can stand out more than a bold colorful one. The devil truly is in the details.

Three things make my outfit dynamic.

  1. The lengths. The cropped sweater gives enough skin so I am not overwhelmed by black since my pants are tucked into my boots and give the illusion of one big piece
  2. The bag. The slight dimension of color change gives another layer to the outfit without going to far out of the palette
  3. The pants tucked in. My pants are not perfectly tucked in especialy because they have a slit down the center and I am able to let a flap out, that gives it more of an effortless look

At the end of it all, just pay attention to what makes you like one outfit verses another. I’m sure its more about the exact wash or where the distressing is on denim or how a girls hair falls perfectly out of her cap. Look for the little things.

Pants : Forever 21

The History of the Birkin

So I thought I would try a post that is a little different than what I normally go for. In one of my online classes, I was given the chance to learn the quick history of some classic fashion garments. I thought I would share a short synopsis of the history of the Birkin bag, as it is well-known and actually not one of the items on my list that I learned about. Resources are listed down below.. enjoy!

This bag is notorious for being a “symbol of status” as the price for a single bag is upwards $8,500. There is even controversy as to who should be able to purchase one of these bags (as well as what they use it for *cough cough* at Kim K’s gym bag).

Allow me to set the scene… It’s 1984 and British actress Jane Birkin is seated next to Jean-Louis Dumas (Chief Executive of Hermes) on a flight from Paris to London when the contents of her handbag fall out. This ignites a conversation about the ideal handbag. Thus the Birkin was born. Am I using too many cliches? Possibly.

After about 30 years of being on the market, the bag finally began to take off as it became more exclusive and not as widely produced. People want what is not easily attainable, you know? Each bag started becoming a bit more unique and utilized crocodile and lizard-skins and diamond “hardware”. Hard to believe that this bag that brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars at a single auction was modeled after a simple handwoven basket.

As originally intended for travel use, all Birkins now come with a lock & key. “Designed to be both practical and fashionable, it ushered in a new chapter for Hermes.” It is also the most expensive handbag sold at auction. Do you want one just as bad as I do now?


Resources :

The History and Evolution of the Birkin Bag

*Images are not my own*

What’s in my Shopping Cart

Are you about to impluse buy the items below? Maybe. I know I did, so I thought I’d share the items in my shopping cart so I wouldn’t be all alone. As always, click on the picture for a direct link to the shopping page.

What’s in your shopping cart?

As the weather gets cooler, of course, pants are becoming a must. I realized I don’t really own many pairs of trousers, my pants are mostly just denim jeans, so I bought the following pants from Forever 21 to fill in the spaces in my wardrobe.. or should I say the little space that is left in my closet.

Shackets are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Such a good look for when its cooler in the mornings/evenings and hotter during the day. Cool and cozy.

I cannot stop eyeing Steve Madden’s latest collection! The boots have me swooning, from the Gucci dupes to the essential neutrals, they are all a must.

DIY Mini Skirt


Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!

This was my first time sewing a mini skirt so I had to share. You’ve probably seen these #skirts a few places like Princess Polly and Reformation and they looked pretty easy to #sew.

Drop your comments below and let me know if there is anything specific you want to see me create

You can also find me on Tik Tok @ b_wear and Instagram at @ briana.nicole03