The Influencer Series

As the digital media world continues to take off, you are either on it or you're left behind. I commend those who try to keep up no matter at what stage. I definitely have a lot to learn still and with that comes advice and learning from others. To keep up with my community, I [...]

Promo Codes

Who doesn't love saving money when they shop? I for sure always try to get the best bang for my buck. (that's how the idiom goes, right?) Well, here I am to save your wallet from agony. Below are my promo codes for you to use to save some money and continue to feed your [...]

Style Inspiration

Where do you get your information? I had someone ask me recently where I got my news from out of curiosity since it seemed like my age group mostly got their sources from social media. I thought I would ask you, where you get your outfit inspiration. With so many outlets and not very many [...]

The Influencer Series

Incase you've missed my recent interviews with a few of the influencers below, here are a few snippets from the IG Live Segments. To see full interviews, head over to my instagram account @BRIANA.NICOLE03 as they are all saved to IGTV. New Instagram lives are done weekly. Talking with Christian Blogger @jillian.oc "I would love [...]

What Size are You?

This post was written for my certification with Parsons x Teen Vogue What size are you? That's a pretty loaded question if you ask me. 'I'm a size small for the most part, if it's an Australian brand I'm usually a 2-4, if it's European I'm usually a 6, sometimes I'm an extra small since [...]