What Even is an Influencer?

If you were lucky enough to be born in the pre-digital era when a “computer room” in your house was still a thing AND had a creative spark to make a webpage, blog or digital journal then you just might be one of the OG influencers like Rumi Neely or Lauryn Evarts Bosstick. Vogue was (and probably still is) where you got your trend forecasts and the glossy pages raved of exclusivity. Now we have social media, I’m looking at you Instagram and Tik Tok. Influencers are the new trend forecast and almost anyone can become one with a little blood, sweat, and wifi.

In 2005 there were about 1.5 billion individuals using the internet which has increased to 53.6 billion in 2019. That’s a lot of potential eyes viewing your GRWM video. While the influencer industry can still be considered fairly new, high-end brands from Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Sephora to local boutiques are taking notice. 

How it Works: An influencer produces content in the form of pictures or videos that are posted to social media that a big group of people (their “followers”) like. These brands take notice of their influence and collaborate and gift these individuals with items from their collections that can be posted and seen. The more views/impressions = the more sales. Not only do they need to gift to the right individual, but their content must also align with the brand. The influencers must have a good engagement rate and in theory, they also know what their audience likes and dislikes based on their engagement rates and comments. It is not always enough to post a picture of themselves. It must be aesthetically pleasing, and trendy, and if its really good it enhances their image and their own brand as an influencer. 

Why it Works: As much as many of us would like to be original, we are heavily influenced by the people around us, even if they don’t have a million followers. We like our best friend’s hairstyle or our cousin’s band tee from that concert you weren’t able to go to, or we hate that midi skirt our mom loves just because she is our mom. Regardless, your thoughts are being guided by another person. Influencing is just that.

As much as this sounds like a huge marketing ploy, which is kinda is, influencers really just want to be your big sister who has the coolest jeans that she lets you borrow. But instead of going into her closet while she’s not home, you buy your own pair at the store. These recommendations turn into sales and this is why brands partner with these content creators because it truly does work. 

Now there are even panels that discuss being an influencer and what this new industry looks like (tips hat towards Create and Cultivate and The Daily Front Row). There are even influencer trips to destinations around the world so that content creation can be easy for the influencers. The brand gets major exposure for the trip and long after as the pictures are continuously posted.

Moral of the story, hop on the bandwagon, it’s kind of fun up here. 

And if you ever want a good laugh, check out Influencers in the Wild on Instagram.. you won’t be disappointed.




*Disclaimer: opinions are my own, photos of Rumi Neely, Lauryn Bosstick and Influencers in the Wild are not my own

Louis Vuitton Resort 2021

This week’s posts will be focused on Resort 2021 collections that I wanted to review. You can view the full Louis Vuitton Resort 2021 Collection here. All opinions are my own and all pictures are taken from Vogue.com.

Shot in Paris, the images give the feel of a high-fashion pre-fitting with models in the back of the frames posing with their look and empty racks that have been shot in a studio, as quarantine has taken another fashion victim. “A cruise collection inspired by a stationary journey. A contradiction, but not a burden,” the collection notes said (quote from WWD)

The preppy collection showcases 18 looks that include color-blocking and garments that can be worn with a classic black heel, sneakers, or a neat combat boot. Looser fitting looks can be seen complimented by sharp tailoring as well as playing card patterns such as spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs which are almost camouflaged to blend in with the renowned LV print. The looks are clean-cut and certain aspects hint to me of the late 90’s early 2000’s professional attire looks.


Mood Board

I was having a hard time defining my mood board recently for the images I have taken. When quarantine began, all of my images quickly turned into at-home images that were easily neutral and taken against white backgrounds. I now am slowly transitioning out of that and finding my footing again as to the direction I would like my Instagram and blog images to go. I decided that I want it to be more of a 90’s vibe that mixes in my neutral blacks and whites. That has been hard to merge as they are two different looks in my mind so I had to come up with an overarching theme. I call it “mean girl” fashion. It is what you would see the stereotypical mean girl wearing. Always looking cool and obviously well thought out with the right amount of accessories.

No images are my own and are all taken from pinterest.


Off-White Resort 2021

This week’s posts will be focused on Resort 2021 collections that I wanted to review. You can view the full Off-White’s Resort 2021 Collection here. All opinions are my own and all pictures are taken from Vogue.com.

Virgil Abloh has quickly become a household name, known for DESCRIPTIVE streetwear, this collection does not disappoint. “I thought of this muse, sort of half businessman, half youthful teenager—and how they can crash together,” says Abloh about this collection.

For me, the collections have gotten better and better over time, my favorite being Women’s Fall/Winter 2020, and have me wanting to cut perfectly symmetrical oversized holes in my black denim pants to achieve a similar perforated look. As always, the collection achieves a balance of muted and vivid design that is uniquely wearable. Strategic bursts of color can be seen throughout the collection; from a light pink pleated and frilled cold-shoulder dress paired with a distinctive pair of black peep-toe sock heels, matching light pink cap and immense gold chain earrings to a red double-breasted women’s suit with matching pencil skirt with a  pair of Fuschia-colored peep-toe sock heels covering only the first toe.

For an imitation look be sure to have a pair of gold door-knockers and a black ball cap to compliment your outfit.

Friday Faves

This Friday Faves is going to be fashion-focused.. Fashion Focused Friday Faves? Yes. So I rounded up a few of my recent favorite shows to watch and FREE courses to take. Yes, I said free. I recently completed one of the courses and am nearly done with another. I thought I would share a few of these resources as this is a big part of how I have been keeping busy and up to date during the quarantine.

Shows :

What the Fashion a mini-series on Snapchat by E!

Next In Fashion on Netflix

100 Years of Fashion on Hulu by Glamour

Free Courses :

Fashion as Design from MoMA

Fashion Industry Essentials from Teen Vogue and Parsons

Understanding Fashion from Business to Culture from IFM

Image from course description, not my own



Movement to Clean Beauty

I just watched a fireside talk from Create and Cultivate on Clean Beauty and was inspired. I definitely have heard a lot about these points before, but I liked hearing about the specific reasons that clean beauty is so important. The term “clean beauty” refers to the non-toxic ingredients that are used in beauty products. This includes being sustainably sourced and more eco-friendly for the environment. Many household brand names are not in the clean beauty category, however, there are many that are at least taking the right steps toward that change.

The Create and Cultivate panel included Steph Shep, co-founder of Future Earth; Katie Matthews, Chief Scientist at Oceana; and Catherine Gore, President of Biossance.

“The Climate Crisis has the worst PR” -Steph Shep

One fact that stood out to me was that the United States only bans about 30 harmful ingredients in our products while other countries ban over 100.

“You have to be that much more focused and evaluate ingredient labels” -Catherine Gore, President of Biossance

You can still have amazing skin and be clean. I think that a huge step is to not buy these products in hopes that enough people will join and switch up their buying habits. But we also need to voice the opinion and vote to change the ingredients allowed in our products. Lastly, we need to encourage younger generations to be interested in learning how to create cleaner options in the first place.

I have also been on my stories lately sharing different tidbits about my new skin routine such as using a liquid exfoliant and applying sunscreen daily. Here is a list of some clean beauty products to try next time you are out shopping. All of these brands can actually be purchased at Sephora. I am a big supporter of Sephora because they have amazing brands, are dedicated to clean beauty, and also show their support for the BLM movement.

Get Gigi Hadid’s Style

Another celeb “Get the Look”, this time we are giving our high fives and bowing down to stylist, Mimi Cuttrell, Gigi’s main stylist. I really enjoy her street style and her everyday looks. As a top model, you have to really look presentable when you are working or even going out for coffee. Gigi seemingly nails it every time.

Who’s style would you like to see me try to duplicate next? 



How to Wear a Bandana

I have been OBSESSED with this trend and I did not think I would like it at first! I only have two summer printed bandanas and I really struggled at first with how to wear them so I thought I would make a post on how to rock them since they are so trendy right now!

I have been wearing mine as head wraps and usually pulling out my bangs! I also have worn them tied in my ponytail for some extra volume and to accessorize. I also recommend wearing them around your neck as a necktie. Here’s three ways I have been wearing my bandana for Summer. Follow me on instagram and Tik Tok for more @briana.nicole03