Club House Tips I’ve Learned

I know I did a recent post on Clubhouse promoting my Tuesday room, which has now expanded to Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM PST. I truly do think this platform is so beneficial for everyone as it covers a variety of topics and really does promote collaboration over competition. Gatekeeping is not found here and in that spirit, I wanted to share a few things that I have learned while listening periodically to different rooms.

I also encourage you to reach out if you need an invitation to the application and tune into my room that I moderate with 15-30 other influencers called Advice from Influencers every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM PST.

  • Shoot your shot, a lot of creators are saying that they wished that they would have asked brands for monetary compensation way earlier than they did.
  • Take hashtags out of your bio, it leads away from your page
  • Longer Captions help engage your audience
  • If you are not making it to the explore page on Instagram, remove your hashtags from your last three posts and do not use hashtags on your next few posts
  • Make sure your profile picture is of your face unless you are a brand
  • It doesn’t matter your size, you are influencing someone
  • Ask a question at the end of a caption in survey form (ex. A. I will try B. I will not try)

Promo Codes

Who doesn’t love saving money when they shop? I for sure always try to get the best bang for my buck. (that’s how the idiom goes, right?) Well, here I am to save your wallet from agony. Below are my promo codes for you to use to save some money and continue to feed your shopping addiction simultaneously. As always, the promo codes are updated on

You’re welcome, friends.


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Influencers on Clubhouse

If you haven’t heard of the new audio social media app clubhouse then let me put you onto it. I like to describe it as being similar to participating in a podcast in real-time. Your feed is called a “hallway” and you are able to join different “rooms” where you listen to moderators discuss various topics. There are all types of discussions being had at all times from entrepreneurship, to celebrity gossip, discussions on popular tv shows, love/friendship and so much more.

I was really loving the app and how easy it was to drop in and out and learn new tips and tricks. I gathered a group of influencers that were already on the app and created our own room that will be in session every Tuesday at 7 P.M. PST. The application is only available to iPhone users at the moment and you must be invited to join.

Excuse the blur, the image was built for Instagram Stories

Our room is called Advice from Influencers 2K-24K and each week we talk about varying topics from our experience as influencers. We always allow time for questions from the audience and our DM’s are open for further explanation.

This past week we held our first room and had 8 moderators. Each week the moderators may change to accommodate schedules.

Send me an email or DM me on Instagram (briana.nicole03)  for more information on the room.

Style Inspiration

Where do you get your information? I had someone ask me recently where I got my news from out of curiosity since it seemed like my age group mostly got their sources from social media. I thought I would ask you, where you get your outfit inspiration.

With so many outlets and not very many places to go to see new styles due to the pandemic, where do you see trending looks? Do you stick to magazines/online publications? Or do you happen to come by a cool look scrolling on your social media platform?

Pinterest : I feel like this is a cool place to get top notch inspiration. These looks have even merged to other platforms such as Tik Tok where users recreate Pinterest looks

Tik Tok : In my opinion if the transitions and content are well done, video is an even better way to be influenced into buying pieces

Instagram : An oldie but goodie, one of the best ways to see what people are actually wearing and where

Online publications : You can’t go wrong with getting recommendations on the best trends from notable publications such as refinery 29, allure for beauty or WhoWhatWear

Shopping : Wearing what you like is the most important, and popular shops usually offer clothing that is trending. This is a great way to be organic in what you wear


Tips on Moving Out of State

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!

This video is all about tips that I have learned and wanted to share about moving out of your home state. I moved after college and have gone back and forth at least three times so I do have some experience.

Be sure to drop any additional questions or comments below

You can also find me on Tik Tok @ b_wear and Instagram at @ briana.nicole03

Glamnetics Review

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!

I’m sharing my first experience using magnetic lashes with Glamnetics. I also got an amazing set of press-on nails so skip to 13:54 if you are just interested in that!

Lashes : Venus

Nails : Wild Card

PROMO CODE : 15% off with code “Briananicole03”

Drop your comments below and let me know if there is anything specific you want to see me create You can also find me on Tik Tok @ b_wear and Instagram at @ briana.nicole03

Recent Outfits + Manifesting

I have really been into Manifesting lately. To be honest, I am not much for horoscopes or zodiac signs or anything of that nature. It’s fun maybe but I don’t really believe in all of that stuff so I took manifesting with a grain of salt. I think the magic of manifesting really lies in the psychology of it. Of course, I am nowhere near an expert, but when you think you can do something or believe you are able to attain it, your mind wires itself for the positive enforcement to take place.

It’s like that quote, “Whether you think you can or you can’t you’re right.” So manifesting, repetition, and writing down the goals as if you have attained it really make a difference in your mindset. I have been really inspired ever since January 1st which is pretty much when I started a manifesting journal.

I am again not an expert in this field but what I have seen is that I have to write down my goals as if they have already been achieved. “I have an amazing job. I have a great relationship with ____. I enjoy traveling especially to _____.”

I really do love this and I think for a while it rewired my pessimistic self to become more positive.

Top : Verge Girl (similar) // Pants : The Kript

Sweater : PacSun (similar) // Pants : Asos

Top : Glassons // Glasses : Glassons

Shorts : Dippin’ Daisies

I think it is also worth mentioning that I do sometimes try things out of my comfort zone that makes sense. For example, I had a roommate in college that had a Himalayan salt lamp that she said cleared the air of negative energy or something crazy like that. At the end of the year, it was worth noting that we never fought. I do chalk that up to us never being in the room together much because I always went to sleep early.. but years later I love the aesthetic of it so I got one. If it brings good vibes then that is just an added bonus.



DIY Furry Bag Tutorial


Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!

I’ve been seeing these #furrybags everywhere and instead of buying one I thought I would make another easy DIY for you. It was honestly pretty simple and one of my favorite pieces I’ve made so far.

Drop your comments below and let me know if there is anything specific you want to see me create

You can also find me on Tik Tok @ b_wear and Instagram at @ briana.nicole03 


The Influencer Series

Incase you’ve missed my recent interviews with a few of the influencers below, here are a few snippets from the IG Live Segments. To see full interviews, head over to my instagram account @BRIANA.NICOLE03 as they are all saved to IGTV. New Instagram lives are done weekly.

Talking with Christian Blogger @jillian.oc

“I would love to speak to Christians, but I want this to be a place where someone who doesn’t know God or doesn’t follow God or is Angry at God, wherever they are at with their journey, I want this to be a place where you can come and still get something out of my page”


Talking Content Creation with @danixelisa

“I miss (creating content) in one day because you feel like I just did that”


Talking Fitness & Motivational journaling with @edenmarquis

“For me it’s really feeling comfortable, you want to start off small and then gradually add on. A lot of people want to start off.. stacking weights. You have to remember what level you are at.”


Talking Fashion and Style with @howhanseesit

“You have to figure out what works for you and to hone in on what you’re going to be about you have to try everything.”

What Size are You?

This post was written for my certification with Parsons x Teen Vogue

What size are you? That’s a pretty loaded question if you ask me. ‘I’m a size small for the most part, if it’s an Australian brand I’m usually a 2-4, if it’s European I’m usually a 6, sometimes I’m an extra small since I am petite, probably a medium if it’s a crop top.’

You can go to the nearest mall and find that you can probably fit into three different size categories depending on the brand of the items. Here are some pictures of me doing just that. While my size sometimes does range depending on my weight, I am usually pretty consistent.

These Zara pants always run a bit small on me. I absolutely love them, but I usually have to go up a size for comfort

This coat was actually my grandma’s, I’m not sure where she got it but it is a size 8 which is way too big. It really fit me like a 4 and was only a little oversized

This sweater is a Large from Forever 21. I loved the sleeves and tried to wear it as a dress since I am so short. I still have to wear shorts underneath, but it fit me really well.

These shorts are a small from Zaful, I should have opted for an extra small as they fit like a size 4, but this was my first time ordering so smalls are usually my safe zone.

I’ve learned that when shopping online, it is important to read the model’s measurements. I have become accustomed to knowing what size I am when shopping within a certain brand, and that it is better to try something on to see how it will fit you. Every brand is a little different, and that is great because everyone’s body is a little different. You have to find not only what you like, but what works for you.

So tell me, what size are you?