This Week on Clubhouse…

This week the Tuesday girls took a break but the Thursday room still held a room regarding the best places to shoot! Tune in for tips, tricks, Q&A + the occasional TEA every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM PST. Come join us to talk all things social media and grow your network.

This Thursday’s Moderators were :

  • @dineinstyle
  • @ashleyyyvonne
  • @kristindawnmejia
  • @nicoleandreaxo
  • @taylorgrace
  • @danniponce
  • @edenmarquis
  • @lovesarafaye
  • @laughloveandhippie
  • @briana.nicole03

Best Places to Shoot :

Parking Garage Rating – 2,7,8 because it depends on your aesthetic and you have to pick a safe spot, easy to shoot content

Peer Space : Where to book studios for photo shoots

Studio : pros – safe, easy to shoot multiple outfits and you can get hot outside cons – price

Honorable Mentions – Post Office , Gas Station, Home Depot, Pulgas Water Temple, Lavender Field in Beaumont

You can shoot anywhere really, its really just about lighting

Dream Places to Shoot : Death Valley, The Van Gogh Experience, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree

Coronado Beach in SD, Redondo Beach, The Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica

In New York: The Ladybird, The Nomo Soho Hotel, TWA Hotel, The Ludlow

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