The Influencer Series

Incase you missed my recent IG Lives I wanted to do a short round up of some of the excerpts with some of the amazing ladies I’ve gotten to interview and interact with! Be sure to check out the full episodes on you IGTV for all of the best tips and tricks from the amazing ladies below.

Talking PR + Influencer Marketing with @xostellarose @taylorgrace @arieloznyc

“I missed the real life part of it (posting)”

“you’re going to work your ass off in the beginning but it is worth it”

“gifting is not free”

Talking Influence + Small Business with @kimicoyo

“I’ve made $20,000 worth of cookies… it was the hardest most grueling thing I had to do”

Talking Influencing + Lifestyle with @kelseylapolla

“A high of doing this is the opportunity to talk to different people”

Talking about balancing life + influencing with @danielaasab

“Before I would just pack a bag and just go but it would take a long time”

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