La La Land

I recently went to my psychiatrist, yes I have a psychiatrist, and I told him how I moved to Los Angeles. He proceeded to call it 'La La Land' which I have of course heard before. I didn't think much of it except for it was kind of a funny referral and that I should [...]


Yesterday I was able to go to the Sephoria House of Beauty and I loved it! Definitely a great experience and if you are a makeup lover, it was a must! One of the girls I met literally compared it to beautycon! Let me just try to describe this to you, a three-story building filled [...]

Fall Transitioning

I figured this year I would not pay attention to the 'no white after Labor Day' rule since it seems like no one else is either. I also have been dying to make a post with my new button up white jeans from Madewell! But honestly, I am making my summer clothes last as long [...]