Purse : Tory Burch // Rings : Kendra Scott // Cactus Bracelet : (similar)

I officially joined Reward Style and I am so excited to share how it works and benefits all of my readers. Not only does it make it easier for you to shop my products through the links at the end of my blog posts, but it is easier to shop my Instagram looks as well. You can shop not only mine, but every blogger that has the watermark on the bottom of their Instagram photos. Download the app on the app store and every screen shot you take will pull the products listed right in your app for you to shop.

“By downloading the app, consumers receive a push notification with ready-to-shop product information when they screenshot enabled influencer images across the mobile web, including the content they discover inside of closed mobile social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.”

I also recommend shopping through Instagram for your favorite products by searching the hashtags like #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100 #liketkit #LTKstyletip and look up their handles like and as well as much more.


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Picture from THIS previous post featuring white dresses under $35

How to Wear a Fur Jacket

This past Christmas I wanted this fur jacket so bad so I could wear it for New Years Eve. I was so excited when I unwrapped it and I wore it with a nude body con dress for New Years Eve. I was looking at it hanging in my closet the other day wondering how I would wear it again. So I decided to make a blog post on it. Before winter officially ends, I want to get lots of wear out of all my favorite pieces like this fur jacket.

  1. My first suggestion is the most important. Just do it! I second guessed myself so many times (even on New Years) thinking it was too much. But even if someone thinks it’s too much, it doesn’t matter because someone else may love it. And more importantly if you love it then nothing else matters!
  2. Make that your only statement piece. Wear something more casual like I did with this tank and jeans to keep the only focal point being the jacket.
  3. Make sure the colors match. My jacket is white making it easy to combine with an outfit. While a bright yellow or blue jacket really out there, that definitely more of a “look at me” piece. But if you like it, I would say go for it anyway! Refer back to suggestion 1.
  4. Don’t just stuff it in your closet. On a chilly night out pair it with a cute dress to wear between places when you’re walking outside, you don’t have to wear it all night. Just try it on with random outfits because you’re bound to find a great combo to wear it with!

Fur Jacket : Seattle VIS (similar)

Nothing To Wear Syndrome

I’m pretty sure every girl knows that feeling… a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. If you’re like me you end up with a pile of clothes you tried on only to go back to the original outfit. Or worse, the pile of clean clothes gets mixed up with the dirty ones on “the chair”. Well here are some of my tips for dealing with what I call “nothing to wear syndrome”. Hope they help, add a comment for what you do when you’re not sure what to wear.

  1. Similar details : The ruffles on my shorts and the oversized sleeves compliment each other without over shadowing each other, find similar pieces to pair together
  2. Accessories : Duh! A bag or statement necklace will take a white tee and jeans to another level
  3. Trying New Combos : It may take some time in the mirror, but finding some new outfit combos are worth it!
  4. Mixing tight and slouchy : if your top is tighter make sure your bottoms are not so hip hugging, wear a skirt instead or an oversized sweater and leggings are a great example of this rule!
  5. Go through your closet : Clothes that you’re never going to wear again take up space, throw them away and get some new things to pair your looks with
  6. Borrow from your friends : What else are friends for but to go through their closet? Those strappy heels look perfect with her black silk crop top!
  7. Hair + Makeup are Key : I always do my hair and makeup before I try on a new outfit, I never get a good feel for what it will really look like unless I’m all done up first!
  8. Basics : You can never go wrong with a classic outfit and dress it up

Sweater : Free People // Shorts : Voge Boutique // Necklace : Gorjana

Fitness Tips + Tricks

I know everyone is all about getting back into shape since it’s a new year and summer is quickly approaching. So for a little #fitnessinspo I decided to share some ways I have learned to stay in shape. Really it is all about consistency. Not stopping and creating a routine will take you so much farther than a diet and the occasional jog. I also included some amazing accounts to follow. Constantly being reminded of your goal will help you stick to it!

  1. Get multiple workout partners : not only will they push you to keep your routine, if one cannot go there is always someone else to go with
  2. Sticky notes : I do this when I am on a diet, notes like “You Got This” and “Think about your GOAL” inside of the fridge or on a mirror will keep you remembering about being healthy throughout the day
  3. No eating past 7 : So I do this all the time, after 7 p.m. I stop eating anything except for drinking water. I’ve made sure to eat all of my 1200 calories for the day and after that I stick to just getting my 8 glasses of water in
  4. Cardio + Strength : I always warm up with at least 15-20 minutes of cardio and if I’m in the mood I’ll do more! But I always pick one muscle group that day to focus on and work out fully to accompany the cardio
  5. Workout three times a week & mix it up : This week I did my cardio and strength workout twice and went for an hour long hike as well. Mix it up to make sure your body is not always doing the same thing but staying challenged!
  6. Never underestimate a good yoga sesh : This is my favorite way to exercise! I always love a good stretch! I also learned that before a workout you should be doing more active stretches and after a workout do more relaxing stretching

A few of my favorite fitness accounts:


Boho Beautiful : From yoga to pilates I love doing these videos for a quick workout or a warm up for a workout

Blogilates : So many workout videos, but the 1000 rep squat challenges are my favorite! She knows how to work different parts of your muscles from home


My Fitness Pal : I use this app to track my calorie intake, but I really recommend it for setting your calorie goal since it takes into account your height, current weight, and goal weight

Sworkit : I use this app to mix up my strength workouts when I am at home. It has so many functions but I use it mostly for a certain muscle group like abs and set the time for how long I want to work out


Tone It Up : These girls know what kind of body girls want! I love doing their “mermaid” series and working out with them! They are fun and inspirational and make you want to keep going every week!

When it looks like I’m doing a squat but really I’m just about to jump for a cute shot

Sweater : H&M // Leggings : Lululemon // Shoes : Nikes

Skin Care Routine

I have recently gotten a few compliments on my skin and while I believe that it is mostly genetics, I wanted to share my favorite products that I use almost daily. From which cleanser to use to my favorite moisturizer, these are the exact products I use and how I use them.

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Face Wash : with no scents or exfoliating beads, this cleanser really balances my skin’s PH level and works well with both the oily and dry parts of my skin. Neutrogena has the best facial products in my opinion.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes Night Calming : I use these towelettes after a long day or night out. I can always use these quickly at night but then do a full wash in the morning. I also like the original blue towelettes, but I do not like any other brands because they tend to irritate my skin. This purple night calming towelettes also leave my skin soft and hydrated.

Garnier Skin Active Brightening Moisturizer : I talked about this moisturizer in my most recent ‘Current Faves‘ post. I have been using this one more because of the cooler weather and I really see the difference when I use it consistently. It leaves my skin smooth but not oily like a lot of other cleaners.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty : Another favorite, I use this face mask when my skin needs a little pick me up. When I have been wearing makeup a lot or slacking on my skin care routine, this mask snaps my skin back to place by firming and cleansing my face.

GlamGlow Poutmud Wet Lip Balm Treatment : Lips are included in my routine. I want to try more GlamGlow products, but I have tried this one and I love the tinted treatment because after a few uses you can feel the difference in your lips.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer : Last one thanks for sticking with me! When I want a minimal makeup day, I just wear concealer and mascara. I use this concealer under my eyes and on my red spots and blend it in and go! It has SPF which is beneficial as well.

What are your favorite skin care products?

Good Vibes – Radar Jewelry

I always love to work with new and upcoming brands, especially ones with great pieces. I always have to get a good feel for the products first and luckily Radar Jewelry was able to send me one of their newest pieces. The bracelet I am wearing is called the “Good Vibes Bracelet‘ and it is only $14. Another one of my favorites is the Roxi choker. I so want that one next! The pieces are ones that you can put on to complete an outfit, and I really like the simple gold pieces they offer. For a great price, it’s worth a shot to try out a few of their new arrivals!

Another thing I wanted to point out about this outfit is the double buckle belt. I was so in love with this when I found it in gold. I have seen a few in silver but I never wear silver so I totally had to buy it! It is from Pretty Little Things by Kourtney Kardashian and I had to have it! For only $18 I got so lucky so I wanted to share that luck with all of my readers.

Black and gold always makes me feel so chic, especially with my hair straight. Something about the colors are just edgy. I also paired my faux leather jacket over the look because it was a bit chilly that day, and it also made the look a bit better for the day. You can see how I dressed up this jacket in one of my latest posts here.

Jacket : (similar) // Belt : Pretty Little Things // Bracelet : Radar Jewelry

How To Grow Your Closet

I recently visited Austin for the day and I ate at this super cute place called Crepe Crazy! I wanted to shoot my outfit and I loved the wall for a quick shoot. If you’re in Austin I would so recommend. Not only is the food great but the staff are all deaf and speak sign language! It was a great experience and I cannot wait to go back!

Back to growing your closet, I have a few tips that I have done unknowingly. I did not realize how many pieces I had until I came home over the break and brought all of my clothes home from San Marcos. I have a small closet in my room, and I use the room next to mine and the small walk in closet as well. Both are pretty full and I realized that while I cannot take it all back to school with me, I have acquired a lot of pieces over the years. Check out some of my tips below and share some of your own in the comments!

  1. Buy the basics. Always build the foundation first, before buying any expensive pieces, make sure you have your basic jeans, tanks, tees, and sweaters to build on
  2. Get one item per month. I followed this rule religiously for a long time! Buying one clothing item I really needed a month slowly adds up. For expensive items save up your money from a previous month to buy it then
  3. Don’t throw things away! You never know when an item will come back in style, unless you really do not fit, do not donate things unless you’re completely sure!
  4. Grow your accessories as well. A statement necklace or new shoes will create more outfit options and combinations, therefore growing your closet
  5. Balance the long lasting pieces and the statement pieces. While velvet is a trend right now, buy the trendy items, but a cashmere sweater will last you many more winters.