Denim Round-Up

Denim, a classic. If I am being honest I seriously think a Canadian tuxedo can be super chic when done right. Doing it right is why I wanted to write this post. It is not always about the price tag that makes or breaks denim. It's the wash and the fit, and more importantly how [...]

Transition Season

One of my favorite parts of the year is when it starts getting a bit cooler because I love the beginning of Fall. Fall and Spring just sound amazing to me because the weather doesn't seem to be too harsh and there are so many activities to do. The hard part can be transitioning your [...]

Friday Faves

In remembrance of 9/11 and in acknowledgment of all of the chaos that is currently in the world, I wanted to do a Friday Faves that is uplifting and allows for spreading the good. I recommend that you also do one kind thing for another person today and try to make it a goal to [...]

The Graphic Tee

I've been very into T-shirts over the course of quarantine since they are such an easy staple piece to throw on. I am actually really picky about my graphic shirts though. First is of course the picture itself. I don't like wearing band tees when I can't name one of the songs. But if it's [...]