Baby I’m Back

Baby I’m Back

It's been a hot minute, but I'm back and trying to keep up with all of the content creation! I finally have gotten a better routine and I am able to add some more time for blogging, and youtube and of course Instagram. I am finally settled back in LA and I will definitely be [...]

Puffy Sleeves

I am all for a statement piece! The puffy sleeve trend definitely is one that makes a statement. I love the sleeves and the color together is such a great combo. I rounded up a few more pieces that have puffy sleeves that you may like as well! What's your favorite trend of the moment? [...]

The Bodysuit Post

I wanted to dedicate this post to those special one pieces you have hanging in your closet. You know, the ones that get you fully undressed when you have to use the bathroom (unless they have the buttons on the bottom in which case you feel like a 5-month-old). Yes, the bodysuit. There are also [...]