One Shirt Three Ways

This is one of those closet staple button-ups that you have to have. Mine is from Princess Polly and was under $30!

I did a quick 5-minute styling video, so be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel

Song: Cool Girl by Tove Lo (not my own)



Steve Madden Heels:…

Princess Polly Black Belt:…

H&M Cow Print Jacket (similar):…

Combat Boots (similar):…

PLT Double Buckle Belt:…

Tory Burch Bag (similar):… 

What’s in my Beauty Fridge

So I finally got a mini beauty fridge (thanks Easter Bunny)! I did not want to fill it with all of my products as they would not all fit, so I put a few of the ones that I use the most.

Here are the products listed:

  1. Eye Mask : gotta keep these cool so they can work their very best and depuff the area around your skin
  2. Lip Mask : same goes for this one, these keep your lips plump, but I think mostly its just a self-care patch to apply anywhere on your face that needs to depuff
  3. Bye Bye Undereye Cream : This is one of my favorite products since I feel like my dark circles are so prominent
  4. Exfoliating energy facial with enzymes : Youth to the People created this mask that I have been trying a few times a week and I love it! I am still testing it out in my mini-fridge
  5. Jade Roller : I have heard mixed things about jade rollers and recently it’s not very good, but for a quick depuff in the morning it actually works for me
  6. Firming Mask : Kiehl’s ginger left and hibiscus firming mask just feels better when it is cooler and makes my skin feel rejuvenated

What areyour go-to beauty products?

The At Home Series

This time is history is so crazy and one day this generation will be telling of when we had to go through this together not just as a country or nation, but the world as a whole. Being in quarantine has definitely sparked up new trends. Tik Tok has taken over.. TBH I’m not much of a fan. I’ll make them to stay relevant, but I really do not try that hard and I never spend more than 10 minutes a day on it. However, it is something to do and its good to keep up with as far as influencing goes. I am nowhere near being Tik Tok famous and I am 100 % happy with that.

Another trend that I did try was making a dress out of your comforter. Behold my gown with a sweetheart neckline, thigh high slit and train. Got to have the belt to keep the comforter held up.. I mean to accentuate your waist.

Behold my white comforter that has seen 1 too many apartments and has 1 too many puffs missing because when Paisley was a puppy she would bite them off. I knew my white comforter would come in extra handy one day, bless my sense of style when it comes to a clean aesthetic even at home decor. (I cannot say the same for my HOT pink couch that I have had since middle school. My sense of decor clearly did not come in until after high school.)

Here are a few more shots that I took for my quarantine series. My dad bought me a sheet last time he visited and man was that just a brilliant move looking back.

What is your go-to quarantine look?

Princess Polly

I have been getting a bit more “artsy” with my Instagram posts. 1. Because I like the way that my feed looks overall and 2. because there are only so many things you can do when you are stuck at home. I am so lucky that I have a white sheet that is perfect for creating content in the apartment. That and my tripod have really come in handy!

I recently received some super cute looks from Princess Polly that I had to show! This sweater is one of my new favorites because it is easy to wear out and at home. I love pieces that are so versatile especially ones that come in handy at a time like this since we all have to be home.

Next off I just had to show off these two tones jeans. I have one other pair but none like this. These do have a bit of a wider straight leg which I like because it is so unique and easy to wear.

Princess Polly does tend to run a bit smaller so I sized up in the pants, but I shouldn’t have because these actually do run true to size.

What’s your favorite item from Princess Polly?

Sweater : Princess Polly // Jeans : Princess Polly

Friday Faves

So here it is.. time for another round up of my favorite things on the internet right now! Trust me, I’ve had time to explore the internet, I’m sure we all have!

What interesting articles/links have you found?

So what I have been doing on my lunch break is watching the Giant Panda’s cam at the Smithsonian National Zoo! They have a few other animals that I check out as well like Lions, Elephants, and Naked Mole Rats. (Naked Mole Rats? So Random!) Honestly they do not do much but it’s kind of comforting!

Miley Cyrus has started a new Instagram Live series called Bright Minded that you should definitely check out! She has some pretty cool guests and I have been hooked so far! Definitely a must! Also, everyone and their mom is going live (including me) so if you’re out of Netflix shows to watch, check those out!

I have been getting my fashion fix recently from Business of Fashion. Definitely worth subscribing to if you are into keeping up with the back end of fashion.

The Brief History of Influencers as told by CR Fashion Book

Might as well brush up on your fashion education between binging Love is Blind and that new Tiger show

I’ll Never Not Say Y’all

I have gotten into the habit of writing down a lot of significant things in my life that have happened while I have been in California. I hope to one day create a book that is comical, risky and fashion-forward. One of the tidbits that I wanted to include, and I thought I would share on the blog is about how I am clearly not from California.

I for one am so glad I am not from here. While the people here can be great, many of them are just kind of..blah. I love Texas and I will be going back eventually! I love that I am so loud and outspoken and I’d rather pop a joke that may not be appropriate at the time than not. I am the kind of person that is very transparent, you know exactly how I feel about you.

I get told that I should cover up a bit more sometimes, but I am only this young (and probably this size) once in my life, so I don’t mind. I am going to do the things that I think are fun and take a risk and make that wrong decision because I know that even though it may not be right, it’s not going to change my life as I know it.

I found this cute little bar place in North Hollywood that my coworker invited me to and let me tell you it was a piece of Texas in California. There was country music on and endless chips and guac. Also, if you like margaritas they had some as big as your head! (Well my head probably because I have a small head.) It made me miss home and being with my friends and I struggle sometimes being away, and I never know what is next but I just keep going and see what gets thrown my way.

I have gotten so many comments from people who come into work noticing that I say “y’all” and honestly I never even notice because its so normal for me! When you are around people that share a commonality, you tend to adopt their way of doing things. One thing that I will not be doing though, is removing the word y’all from my vocabulary.

Shoes : Shoe Dazzle