One Shirt Three Ways

This is one of those closet staple button-ups that you have to have. Mine is from Princess Polly and was under $30! I did a quick 5-minute styling video, so be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel Song: Cool Girl by Tove Lo (not my own) Shirt: Jeans: Steve Madden Heels: [...]

The At Home Series

This time is history is so crazy and one day this generation will be telling of when we had to go through this together not just as a country or nation, but the world as a whole. Being in quarantine has definitely sparked up new trends. Tik Tok has taken over.. TBH I'm not much [...]

Princess Polly

I have been getting a bit more "artsy" with my Instagram posts. 1. Because I like the way that my feed looks overall and 2. because there are only so many things you can do when you are stuck at home. I am so lucky that I have a white sheet that is perfect for [...]

Friday Faves

So here it is.. time for another round up of my favorite things on the internet right now! Trust me, I've had time to explore the internet, I'm sure we all have! What interesting articles/links have you found? So what I have been doing on my lunch break is watching the Giant Panda's cam at [...]