The Influencer Series

It’s time for another round up of the Influencer Series. I try to do these 1-2 times a week and they quickly add up! These are just small excerpts from my conversation with various influencers. To get the full scoop (and important insight) be sure to watch the entire interview over on my IGTV (@briana.nicole03).

Talking Content Creation with @daphneblunt

“I have a background in the entertainment industry and I started acting when I was pretty young. I knew media would be apart of what I wanted to do”

Talking Content Creation with @Hailie.lane

“I have to take breaks or do things on the weekend that are just solely not on my phone”

Talking Photography with @thealondraflores

Speaking on photography, “It helped me a lot with directing people” “It’s hard to have someone else take my picture”

Talking with Singer @anie_delgado

“One of my highs has been finding my manager, Kelly”

Talking with Social Media Manager @oliviavlachos

“It’s definitely a skillset that is challenging.. to know what is trending”

This week I also did my first Instagram Room with actresses @biancaenchanted @itsestherlane and @themariahrobinson and we spoke all about their journey in the industry.

“I remember I can do this mom” – Esther

“I have an amazing opportunity being out here in Los Angeles” – Bianca

“You’re doing all of the behind the scenes work to eventually get to that end goal.”

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