Easter Outfits

Easter is only a few days away and I wanted to show off one of my top picks for this year! I'm not sure what I want to wear for sure yet but I do think that this one of my favorite outfits at the moment! I love a bright crop and the contrast with [...]

Farmer’s Market

I honestly hate waking up early in the morning! I am the worst at it, but when I have something fun planned it's a little more bearable. I never really go to Farmer's Markets honestly, but I really wanted to try and do something new this weekend. I love trying all of the fresh produce [...]

Swimsuit Season

It's that time of year, you either dread it or love it. If you dread it this post is for you! If not this is still for you, haha. Learning what looks best on you takes time, but once you find it, it's worth it! Its just like jeans! Here are my tips for swimsuit [...]

Spring Trends

Spring is hands down my favorite season! The weather is the best, the colors are the brightest and getting ready for summer is just so fun! Fashion wise I am obsessed with pastels, florals and lots of mixed prints. I totally live for all of the ruffles and striped blouses that can be worn with [...]

How to Thrift Shop

I recently took a trip to Big Texas Thrift in Austin, Texas and it was one of my first real thrift shopping experiences. While I am not huge on thrifting, it is actually a fun activity that is so beneficial! I ended up getting the bag above which was originally from Forever 21 (similar) and [...]

Flare Jeans

My newest addition to my closet are these adorable bell bottom jeans! It was so hard to find some that fit and while these aren't even exactly what I had in mind, they come pretty darn close! Guess how much I paid for them? TWENTY DOLLARS! There is this super cool thrift shop in San [...]