Easter Outfits

Easter is only a few days away and I wanted to show off one of my top picks for this year! I’m not sure what I want to wear for sure yet but I do think that this one of my favorite outfits at the moment! I love a bright crop and the contrast with the dark denim is my favorite! I also had to wear my favorite choker to match with the white checker print on the crop and I will definitely be wearing my hair down like this to get all of the cascarones out of my hair!

I’m so blessed to have be raised knowing the meaning of Easter and what it really stands for. I hope everyone has a great holiday and to remember that it really is a celebration of Jesus dying and coming back to life to save us as the ultimate sign of love. So remember that it’s not just about bunnies and candy eggs, but more about the biggest miracle that God has done for us.

Top : Forever 21 // Denim Skirt : Free People

Click on the dress for a direct link to the site to buy the dress or check out some similar ones as well!

Farmer’s Market

I honestly hate waking up early in the morning! I am the worst at it, but when I have something fun planned it’s a little more bearable. I never really go to Farmer’s Markets honestly, but I really wanted to try and do something new this weekend. I love trying all of the fresh produce and I live for all of the samples! When my friend said they sold kombucha and the best salsa I was so there!

I tried samples everywhere I could get it and I got super full from all of the great food. I honestly wanted to buy at least one of every thing! From bone marrow juice to lotions and fresh produce I couldn’t stop myself! I really want to go again next weekend, I would recommend to anyone to go to their local farmers market at least one weekend!

So I splurged a little for these Levis but I had been wanting them for a while. I added a little color to my outfit with this scarf in my hair. I totally love this scarf trend, it’s so cute and feminine! Also I just kept it comfy and casual for a morning out and added this sweet white spaghetti strap to dress up my mom jeans, and of course my sandals were gold to match the gold accents on my purse.

Top : Showpo (similar) // Jeans : Levi’s // Scarf : Zara // Purse : Michael Kors


Swimsuit Season

It’s that time of year, you either dread it or love it. If you dread it this post is for you! If not this is still for you, haha. Learning what looks best on you takes time, but once you find it, it’s worth it! Its just like jeans!

Here are my tips for swimsuit shopping :

  1. Just because it fits does not mean you should wear it : make sure it compliments your every feature
  2. Ask a friend to be real with you and nice about it because it gets annoying after a while when you can’t find the perfect style
  3. Try multiple places : Don’t worry about the size because different stores will carry different sizing
  4. Don’t settle : Don’t buy something that you are not totally in love with
  5. Accentuate your best feature : if you have no booty like me wear a scrunchy bottom that adds something to the back instead of something that will sag after being in the water
  6. Mix up the sizes : Just because you are small on bottom, does not mean you are a small on top, wear what fits
  7. Vertical Stripes, not horizontal : Elongate, not widen!

Something to keep your tummy looking lean



Support for a bigger chest


One piece : honestly can be for all sizes


Ruffle Bottoms to make your booty look bigger


Accents for bikini tops for a smaller chest


*Click the picture for a direct link

Get the Look : Dress Up Buttercup

It’s another Get the Look post where I recreate a look that I found and I love. This time it’s a look by Dede Raad on her site Dress Up Buttercup. Dede has the cutest style and when I saw this top hanging up in Forever 21 I knew I had the best post in mind for a recreation. Not only is her blog definitely #GOALS but she speaks at conferences such as Create and Cultivate and has the best advice. Check out her site HERE for more outfit inspo.

HERE is a direct link to her original post where you can find all of her outfit details, which I also linked below as well.

Lastly, I definitely want to give her credit for this entire outfit, her style is awesome, I just loved recreating it!

Dede’s Links

Top : Nordstrom // Jeans : Revolve // Shoes : Steve Madden // Watch : Michael Kors // Bracelet : Baublebar // Earrings : Lisi Lerch

My Links

Top : Forever 21 // Jeans : Lucky Brand // Watch : Michael Kors // Bag : Nordstrom // Earrings : Target

Body Suit + White Booties

How killer is this outfit?! Okay so it’s a bit more edgy for my style, this is probably something I’d wear out at night since my style is definitely more girly and fun. I had to show off these pieces that were just sitting in my closet begging to be shown. This body suit has the best lace up back which is the real reason I fell in love with it. Definitely a mullet piece (business in the front, party in the back, get it?) and the color is to die for since its a great neutral.

These shorts are great because of the rips and tears, these you can buy anywhere really. And these kitten heeled white booties are my fave. I would have rather have had them in a chunky heel, but for $20 I could not go wrong! I chose not to splurge on these shoes since I assumed they would be a trend, and I have similar booties already but in a purple velvet. (Shop them HERE)

Body Suit : Tobi (similar) // Shorts : American Eagle // White Booties : Charlotte Russe (similar) (similar)

Spring Trends

Spring is hands down my favorite season! The weather is the best, the colors are the brightest and getting ready for summer is just so fun! Fashion wise I am obsessed with pastels, florals and lots of mixed prints. I totally live for all of the ruffles and striped blouses that can be worn with short denim shorts and bright colorful sun glasses! Just writing this I so want to start shopping for some new pieces! Here are my predictions for some spring trends that I hope come into full bloom this season. Click on the product for the direct link to where to buy the product!


I know these were a trend last Spring/Summer, but I really think that they will come back since everyone has a pair sitting in their closet! They are just too cute not to bring back! I love the lace up on the pair on the left, but I am definitely going to be buying the pair on the right!


Statement Earrings 

I am loving the bright colors of both of these! Big bold earrings are definitely a thing, and if you can find an outfit that matches the exact color on your earrings then that’s even better!



Maxi Skirts

Any bright colored or printed skirts really are going to be a huge hit as always this spring! I love a bright maxi with a white crop, however, any bright colored skirt of any style or length are always great!


Bold Sunglasses

My favorite are from DIFF Eyewear! I have a pair of my own and I definitely am going to be buying another pair this spring! I love the reflective lenses and how bright and colorful they come!


Straw Bag

I don’t know about you, but I love a cute straw bag! A great neutral to go with any vacation outfit, and the fringe on the right makes it a great statement piece to make any outfit even better! I love these for the beach since they are so easy to bring and they go great for a brunch date!


How to Thrift Shop

I recently took a trip to Big Texas Thrift in Austin, Texas and it was one of my first real thrift shopping experiences. While I am not huge on thrifting, it is actually a fun activity that is so beneficial! I ended up getting the bag above which was originally from Forever 21 (similar) and a Brandy Melville skirt for $10 total! I tried to link items as similar as possible that are being sold now, but I’m sure they are all not being sold anymore. That is the thing about thrifting, you find great pieces that are not sold anymore.

My first timer tips for thrifting :

  1. Wear neutral clothes : I wore something super neutral so I could try on any piece that I wore and try to visualize the piece as best as I could. (pictured above)
  2. Look forward to next seasons : Even though it’s transition season, I looked through the entire store and tried to find shorts sleeves, long sleeves and shorts as well because those pieces will not be there next time you go!
  3. Take your time : It’s really easy to get discouraged when you can’t find the most amazing pieces. I got really discouraged at first but it takes time to find the good stuff
  4. Don’t have expectations : telling yourself I’m going to find a vintage jean jacket or the perfect fitting jeans is not always realistic, while it would be great if you did, but just let the pieces come to you
  5. Wash your finds : This is a given but very much overlooked. You never know who previously owned your newest blouse and lots of people go through those racks so wash before you wear.

Honorable Mentions

This dress was actually a Vera Wang dress! I was not crazy about the collar but it was a great print! (similar from vineyard vines)

Similar Skirt from Urban Outfitters

Similar Skirt from Lulus

Similar Shorts from SheIn

Similar Coat from SheIn

Brandy Melville Skirt I purchased

Similar Skirt from Lulus

Similar Brown Leather Skirt  from Zappos

Similar Dress from Revolve

Flare Jeans

My newest addition to my closet are these adorable bell bottom jeans! It was so hard to find some that fit and while these aren’t even exactly what I had in mind, they come pretty darn close! Guess how much I paid for them? TWENTY DOLLARS! There is this super cool thrift shop in San Marcos, Tx called Vagabond that has a lot of really cool vintage clothes without having to fish them out of the thrift shop. (Learn my tips for thrift shopping HERE.) The only down side is finding your size. But honestly that is everywhere and the guy has the best deals for authentic vintage clothes.

Vintage is one of my favorite trends at the moment! Big bold 70s prints and 90s sweaters are my favorite to rock! Back to my bell bottoms though, I am obsessing over how they look and how flattering wide legs are. I wish they were a tiny bit wider to be honest, but I have to compromise with them hem because I am so short. I linked a few options for where to buy some similar styles, but I would honestly check thrift stores first. Also if you are tall and a bit thinner, you can definitely rock these jeans with almost anything!

Suede Tank : (similar) // Necklace : Forever 21 (similar) // Belt : Tory Burch


*Click the picture for the direct links


Shopbop Sale Under $35

I wanted to include a short post this week over the super great Shopbop Sale! I am going to be stocking up on all of my Spring items with this sale. As a college student I will only be buying my top picks. I included some of those picks in this post and kept it relatively cheap so everyone can buy but if you have more cash after a great payday, definitely treat yourself a bit more. You deserve it! It only lasts until Saturday so hurry and get the great finds! Click the links to go straight to the product!

15% off orders $200 or more

20% off orders $500 or more

25% off orders $800 or more

 Free People Bralette $12

Splendid Bikini Bottoms $12

Kate Spade Earrings $16

Re:named Top $17

Madewell Earrings $17

After Market Top $18

Rebecca Minkoff Velvet Belt $20

Shoshanna Bikini Bottoms $23

EVIDNT Wide Leg Jeans $32


Mikoh Looped Bikini Bottoms $23

Mara Hoffman Strapless Crop Top $33