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I rounded up a few new items that I have in my closet perfect for #Fall

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Skirt :

Cardigan :

Belt :

Dress :

Sunglasses :

Crop Top :

Necklace :

Nude Skirt :

Boots :

Puffy Jacket : (similar)

How to Wear a Sweater Vest

So I bought the infamous H&M sweater vest that has been all over Instagram because I really liked it. The small was sold out, but since I like my Fall/Winter tops a bit slouchy I was okay with ordering a medium. I am so glad I did because I it was the perfect amount of fabric so it wasn’t fitted and because I am short I was able to style it almost as a dress. It did take a while to come in though so I felt like I was late on the trend when posting the photos, but I thought I’d share anyway.

I took a poll on my Instagram stories regarding if I should keep it or return it, and the majority said I should keep it so I did. It is actually very comfortable and I could wear the outfit all day. I also wanted to show a few other ways that you can style a sweater vest (via Pinterest).

What’s your favorite piece to wear for Fall?

Inside Fashion Nova

This post is not sponsored and I have no connections with Fashion Nova.

I saw that Fashion Nova was one of the most searched fashion sites and I did not think much of it, probably just a marketing line that was half true. But then I found a site that gathers the most searched topics and when I looked up the broad topic of ‘Fashion’, Fashion Nova came up more than once (probably because Fashion is in the name) which prompted me to write a quick blog post about the well-known company.

Frequently asked questions about Fashion Nova :

There were also a ton of questions regarding Fashion Nova jeans specifically if they were true to size if they stretch, if they shrink, etc. I did not want to answer these because I am so picky about jeans and I have personally never bought a pair so I cannot give any feedback on these.

My Favorite Picks from the site : 


Styling Princess Polly’s Fall Collection

I genuinely enjoy working with Princess Polly on collaborations because I always feel like their pieces are so trendy and on-brand for me. For this collaboration, I was given a discount code ‘Briana’ that you can use for 20% off your purchase. I also posted a mini haul to my Instagram story which you can see in my Princess Polly highlights. I will also be uploading a youtube video asap as well.

It has become clear to me that I am really loving neutrals at the moment. When I saw this dress I was a bit hesitant at first because I knew it was bodycon and I try to steer clear of dresses that hug me when the material is thin. However, I went for it because I knew it would look cute on a “skinny day”. I am so glad I bought it because the material is so soft and it is honesty super flattering. I bought a size 2 for reference.

It screams sass to me and it is easy to also pair it with sandals and wear on a casual day out or a night out with the girls.

This cardigan was an absolute must for me. I love a slouchy cardigan and this one is slouchy sans the thick materials which I definitely don’t need. I saw how it was dressed on the model and I automatically fell in love.

You know how you can like something on a model and then you get it and you are not loving it anymore? Yeah, that did not happen. I absolutely loved everything I received from the dress to my chunky gold necklace. Princess Polly is always a hit for me.


Dress : Kiara Mini Dress // Cardigan : Macy Cardigan // Necklace : Athena Necklace

Friday Faves

It’s another round-up of some links from around the web that I thought I would share. This week, it’s a mix of topics from shopping links (thank me later) to fashion news.

What does your search history look like?

Use my discount code ‘Briana’ for 20% off these boots from Princess Polly

Was digital Fashion week successful? – High Snobiety

What’s happening in Armenia? – Vox

Spooky Cottagecore? I’m here for this H&M collab. – Nylon

Insight on Amy Coney Barrett – Teen Vogue

Need a media kit? Email me for pricing at

I can’t be the only one who wants this woven wall mirror – Urban Outfitters

The Influencer Series

In case you’ve missed my recent interviews with a few of the influencers below, here are a few snippets from the IG Live Segments. To see the full interviews, head over to my Instagram account @briana.nicole03 as they are all saved to my IGTV. New Instagram Lives are done weekly!

Talking Influencing with @tokyotolagirl

“When people ask me about tips to get high engagement, I usually recommend to be on your phone and like and comment on other people’s posts.”

Talking Styling with @estella.png

“We need to be more inclusive when it comes to sizing, sample sizes are great but those are for models.”

Talking Social Media with @billiexnewland

“The littlest things whether its DMs, emails, or engaging, they sound so minuscule but they truly add up.”

Stepping out in Loungewear

I think it is super acceptable to wear your loungewear out of the house now. I actually did not plan to shoot this outfit, but it was a spur of the moment thing and I absolutely had to get a few pictures in front of this wall! This is super rare for me because I am such a planner and I try on every outfit before I shoot it. If I had planned it I would have followed the tips below.

  • Accessorize : This outfit is definitely missing a black blazer and some gold jewelry to make it super trendy
  • Balance : Balance your pajama top with a pair of denim jeans, or your sweats with a cool top to offset the home-ly look
  • Shoes : You cannot tell because I am super short, but I am actually wearing heels with this to give it a dressier feel

Wearing the clothes that you slept in has been pretty trendy recently, and while I think it can be super chic and comfortable, I would also say to opt for the satin button up instead of the oversized shirt you ate leftovers in the night before!

Where would you wear your loungewear?

Sweatpants : (similar) 

Photoshoot with Sans Souci

I am excited to share the pictures from my recent photoshoot with Sans Souci. They are a wholesale showroom and I was happy to have had the opportunity to work with them again in a different capacity.

If you could work with any brand, who would it be?

I have worked with them before on social media collaborations where I was gifted items to shoot myself and post to my Instagram page, but this time I was able to shoot with the brand for their own content. This was my first time shooting WITH a brand instead of FOR a brand. This is one of the benefits of living in the Los Angeles area, getting opportunities like this that do not always happen everywhere.

Their photographer and creative director were a joy to work with and I was happy with how the images came out! I was even able to pick out a few items from their collections as compensation. This post is not sponsored, but I wanted to share how well my experience went.

You can also see some BTS videos on my Tik Tok (@b_wear) or on my reels on Instagram (@briana.nicole03)

4 Easy Fall Looks


Welcome back to my Channel

I did a super quick styling video with items that you probably already have in your closet. If you don’t then I linked them (or something similar) down below!

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White Top :

Brown Skirt :

Baguette Bag :

Zara Top :

Cow print Bag (similar) :

Black Long Sleeve (similar) :

Lace Up Shorts (similar) :

White Dress :

Flannel :

Nude Bag :