This Week on Clubhouse…

This week during the Tuesday room we talked about Content 101. We talked all about editing styles, apps we use, tips we use and if we like using a tripod or shooting with a person (spoiler alert, it's both). Here are some major take aways from Tuesday's room featuring the following influencers: @briana.nicole03@itsestherlane@elizabethandreaa@estefiortizTrynfinddebby@mrs_emontano@nicoleandrea.xo@taylants@esmirnatapia@biancaenchanted@skylerbaldwin@itzycanales@kelseylapolla Splice vs. [...]

Club House Notes

In case you missed the recent clubhouse room or you live under a rock and haven't joined (send me a message to join) here are some notes from our recent room! To take your own notes, ask your own questions, and get in on the action, follow the club "Influencer Advice" on clubhouse to be [...]