Friday Faves

It's Friday again, so to kick off the weekend, I am rounding up some interesting links and stories from around the web. (None of these pictures are my own btw.) What are your plans for this Halloween weekend? Last minute Halloween Costumes - POPSugar The History of Halloween - Did you say something about [...]


I noticed that I have been buying more trendy pieces lately, but I have been more conscious about purchasing neutrals so that I know they will last me longer than just this season and not turn into another fast fashion look. Another way I get more use out of them is by making fashion Tik [...]

Inside Fashion Nova

This post is not sponsored and I have no connections with Fashion Nova. I saw that Fashion Nova was one of the most searched fashion sites and I did not think much of it, probably just a marketing line that was half true. But then I found a site that gathers the most searched topics [...]

Friday Faves

It's another round-up of some links from around the web that I thought I would share. This week, it's a mix of topics from shopping links (thank me later) to fashion news. What does your search history look like? Use my discount code 'Briana' for 20% off these boots from Princess Polly Was digital Fashion [...]

The Influencer Series

In case you’ve missed my recent interviews with a few of the influencers below, here are a few snippets from the IG Live Segments. To see the full interviews, head over to my Instagram account @briana.nicole03 as they are all saved to my IGTV. New Instagram Lives are done weekly! Talking Influencing with @tokyotolagirl "When people ask [...]