My Favorite Online Boutiques

I always think the best, most unique pieces come from local boutiques. I love getting basics and trendy pieces from places like Forever 21 and more common places at the mall. But for a piece that not everyone has I like to go to thrift shops and specialty boutiques downtown. While we don’t all have the same places to shop, I wanted to share a few of my favorite online boutiques for you to check out! These places are some of my favorites and range in price, so check first before you totally fall in love with a killer look. Also leave a comment below on your favorite online or local boutique! I’d love to check it out!

Amazing Lace : Girly and fun, this shop has the best swimsuits as well! I never buy swimmies online, but I couldn’t resist and it fit me perfectly!


Berkley Elleven : Boho Style with a chill vibe, I love the layered jewelry they sell as well and they’re pieces are always unique


Sundae Muse : Australian boutique with super cute pieces, but it does take a while to be shipped because of the distance so keep that in mind and tends to run small so size up if it’s a tighter top!


Top : (similar) (similar)  // Skirt : Free People // Shoes : Steve Madden // Purse : Kate Spade (similar)

Denim Shorts Guide

Not all denim is made equal! There are different ways to style your favorite shorts and I am showing off a few of my current favorites from my closet. I linked a few other pairs as well so check out those and lets get on with it!


Some of my favorite denim shorts are the ones I buy from places like Forever 21 or H&M. While they may not last more than a year or two, it’s okay because you out grow them sometimes and trends come and go! Places like Charlotte Ruse and Agaci also have some great pairs and their denim always follows trends like frayed edges and really great basics.




Some of my favorite comfy denim is from Articles of Society and American Eagle. Definitely two different brands but I found them both to be super comfortable and easy to wear! What’s your favorite comfy denim brand?


Going Out

Some of my favorite denim is the ones that you can wear out. Not just on a summer day to the pool but some that you can wear out with a cute blouse or some wedges and a scarf in your hair. Denim like this is one of my favorite pieces because it really ties an outfit together.



Every one in a while you have to make yourself feel better and spend some money on yourself. A piece that you like and you know will wear over and over it always worth it for months to come. If you are like me and live somewhere hot like Texas, you will definitely get good use out of a few of these pairs!


Summer Beauty Products

With the heat comes all new beauty routines and products to use. I rounded up a few of my favorites to use and why I use them during these hotter months. Anything long lasting, containing SPF and most of all hydrating is what I am all about! Even better are the products with real, all natural ingredients. I believe those will do the very best for your face, but every once in a while I find a favorite that is not of that making!

Primer : I love the refreshing feeling of this MAC Prep + Prime rose water primer, it helps my makeup stay on longer and just feels so great when I put it on before my makeup. MAC has a whole line of prep and prime products that really make your makeup last!


CC Cream : I usually get some discoloration from the sun during winter because of the tanning, I like to use CC Creams to fix the redness I accumulate. I’ve been using this one by IT Cosmetics, it contains SPF and is more natural than other products. This one by Pacifica is also great and is cruelty-free, vegan and contains coconut water!


Hair Masks : This one is all about HYDRATION. Keeping your ends from damaging in the pool or the sun is essential, so I like to do a weekly hair mask to keep in the hydration.This first one I used to use before I colored my hair and I loved it! It made my hair so silky for only $16! The second is by Moroccan Oil which is one of my favorite hair product brands!


Hair Spray : For a long lasting look I have to have a touch of hairspray. The night humidity kills my locks and so I add a bit of hold to keep them intact. I’ve been trying out this one from the Marc Anthony collection purely because it contains argan oil. For a great hold, Aveda pure abundance is a great go-to as well!


Bold Lips : I love a bright pink lip for summer, or a great neutral gloss for going out at night with a dark eye. These are two of my favorite shades of the moment because of how often I use them during the summer! The MAC shade is in Patisserie and I prefer the cream consistency. The gloss is by Smashbox and I usually change up those colors!



Wearing a Swimsuit Out

While I have definitely been guilty of going to a store like Target or Wal-mart in my swimsuit after a pool day, I would not have considered that dressing up my swimsuit. But have you ever had one of those swimsuits you just want to wear out because it would make for the cutest body suit?! Well I have so a made a few tips for how to pull it off!

Swim Suit : Forever 21 (Madewell) // Shorts : TopShop (similar)

  1. Consider the material : Some swimsuits do not feel like swimsuits and those are the best to look for if you are wanting to wear it out
  2. Match the colors : Make sure your outfit goes well together and it does not look too crazy with other clothing pieces
  3. Wear with regular/non-swim wear pieces : If people see you wearing the suit as a body suit with jeans or regular going out shorts and maybe a jacket over, they are less likely to think of it as a swimsuit

Some possible swimsuits to wear out, click for the direct link to shop!


Friday Faves

Happy Friday!

Here’s a quick round up of my favorite songs of the moment, what I want to purchase (where you can find more of on my Wish List), beauty product that I cannot live without, a new podcast I have been listening to and a look back at a previous post and outfit details! Leave a comment below on what you want to see more of on the blog!

Shoes : Steve Madden (similar)

Songs Of the Moment : Maroon 5 – Wait

Million Reasons – Lady Gaga

Brett Young – Mercy

On My Wishlist

I have been loving graphic tees recently because they are so easy to throw on with some jean shorts and a cute pair of sun glasses and run errands. I really want these two sweatshirts because they are so cute and would be great for all of the traveling and plane rides I will be doing! Click on the picture for direct links to the sweatshirts from Buddy Love!

Beauty Product

I seriously have been wanting my own jade roller! It reduces puffiness in the face and increases blood flow. It is crucial to roll in the right direction which is up and out of the face for the best results and I even want to put it in the fridge to help with a quick wake up in the morning.


Make Speidi Famous Again : Heidi and Spencer Pratt from The Hills created their own podcast and always have their little bundle of joy on as a special guest! Listen to the fun and catch up on what they have been doing since the show stopped airing on Podcast One or wherever you listen to your podcasts!

Throwback Post

White Crop Tops Under $40

White Crop Top : Urban Outfitters (similar) // Tassel Earrings : Voge Boutique (similar) // Jeans : Zara

Other White Crops : Lulu’s front tie crop // Ruffled top with open back  // Halter with bow // Lace Crop

Tie Front Crops + 10 Things I’ve Learned in College

Pink Cupcake ATM’s are made for taking pictures in front of! Am I right?! I loved how cute this is and I wanted to take pictures here since I heard about it. Okay on to the crop tops! I love the front tie because it looks so flattering on a variety of body types! Small and big chested can wear this top easily and you can always wear a high waisted bottom if you’re uncomfortable to rock it. I liked wearing shorts to counter the long bell sleeve of my top. I also like the length of the sleeves because it shows just enough skin!

As college has officially come to an end, I wanted to share ten things I have learned in my years here. Four years is actually such a short time if you think about it, but I miss it and it’s all filled of such great memories. These are some things that I think I would not have learned if I had not have come to such a diverse university and I am grateful for the things that have happened for me.

  1. Don’t Judge : There are so many people in the world and what my mom told me is the world needs every one of them to function no matter how weird, different or unique
  2. Be Involved : The more you do the more fun you will have. Be involved in multiple organizations and get even more involved in those organizations and you will get even more out of it.
  3. Be Open : Try new things, do new things, that is how you grow and life is going to force you to grow so you might as well be more open to it and let things easily come and go.
  4. Get Out of the Room : Binge watching Netflix is great, but on a nice sunny day go outside to the pool, invite a friend somewhere, you get more out of life when you make memories instead of just being home alone
  5. Try Your Best when Studying : There are a few classes I know for sure I could have made an A in but I made B because I did not give it my all, what is the point of knowing so much if you do not give it everything you have?
  6. Take a Mental Health Day : Sometimes you need to skip that class, eat an entire pizza and put on a face mask. Every once in a while you need a reset button to just take life head on
  7. Don’t Talk About Others : Okay this is a big one, people talk and you are not in high school anymore. Talking about people does not make anything change so accept people for who they are and move on with your life.
  8. There will be Bad Days, But you will also have Good Ones : Keep your head up, bad things are going to happen but just as suddenly as they do good things do as well, keep that in mind when the bad ones happen.
  9. Form A Schedule : Every day or two I make a point to go to the gym and I look forward to that, I live by my planner and it keeps me organized and knowing when I have free time and when I don’t makes a world of difference.
  10. Go to Church : My first years here I never went but Junior year I started going to bible studies and it made a world of difference. My last year I went to mass instead of non-denominational services and bible studies and it felt like home. Do the things that make you happy and feel like home.

Top : (similar) (similar) // Shorts : Levi’s // Bag : Nordstrom (similar)



Graduation Dresses + Letter to My University


A letter to my University,

I cannot believe that four years have come and went so fast; these past few years have been amazing. There was something significant about every year from moving away from home freshman year, to joining Gamma Phi Beta, there were so many memories and friends made along the way. Each person that has been put in my path has made an impact in my life and has given me a memory I never want to forget. I loved being at Texas State University and there are things I learned here that I do not believe I would have learned at another school. Going from small private catholic schools to a large and diverse university was such an eye opener and much needed. The people here are so different and that is something that not everyone gets to experience. Being stuck in the same “bubble” with the same type of people is not what life is made of, and this part of my life really gave meaning to that. I am proud of who I have become and even more so who I have become friends with. I would love to go back and do it all again, start over and experience it all and not change anything. Some of these people I met have gotten me through some of the toughest points I have been through and also some of the absolute happiest! I am blessed to have experienced all that San Marcos has to offer and the town is not the same as when I got here four years ago, also it is exactly the same. I am so happy to graduate in the exact four years I was given but I am also so sad because I wish I was given more time here. But as I close this chapter in my life I am blessed to look back and realize that college really was so amazing and I cannot wait to see what is next for me. Thank you for the memories and experiences that have made me me.



Under $50


Under $100


Under $200


Shoes Spotlight : Platforms

I wanted to do a quick round up of my favorite shoes of the moment – platforms. I love the height since I am super short and I also love the espadrilles feel! Whether it be cork or a regular chunky platform I love the trend right now. Not only are they cute but they are way more comfortable then a regular heel and even wedges! I included my favorite wedges of the moment as well, but I so love the feel of a cute vintage platform look.

When I go out I like to wear a pair of wide leg jeans and have my platform shoes peeking out for a vintage 70’s vibe and I so love it! I always end up getting compliments on them. Also bright colorful platforms are perfect for summer and definitely dress up a shorts and cute tee look. Also straps are a huge trend right now so I added a few with some wide straps to check out! Click on the picture for links to the shoes themselves and tell me what your favorite shoes of the moment are as well!





Finding Your Style

Style, noun : a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed

Everyone has their own personal style, sometimes finding yours is the hardest part. I always used to see bloggers style and think to myself, “I want to dress like that” but I did not know how. So I started to take apart their outfits individually in my mind. What pieces did I like specifically? Did I like the piece itself or how it fit her? Would that piece look the same on me? Well that is where I should start off.

Finding your style is not always about the pieces. Its about how they look on you. If you like how you look in your clothes then go for it! If you do not, I would recommend looking up girls that have similar body shape as you do and seeing what they look good in! Whether it be stalking Instagram bloggers or asking girls you know where they got their clothes, thisis where you start.

Once you find what you look good in its about the pieces you wear. Pieces tend to have their own feel for the most part. Something with a thicker material or a chiffon is going to be more for a weekend wear or going out, slacks may be for professional wear and sweat pants are for leisure. So find three words that would describe your style; my words would be Girly, Bright and Playful. So when I shop I do not shop for clothes that are dull in color, but I look for pieces that have ruffles and fun prints and pieces you do not see on everyone. Find your three words and if you find a clothing piece that you can describe with those three words then that can determine if that is what you want to fill your closet.

It really is about what you like. If you like something on another girl, chances are you are going to like the piece when you see it hanging on the hanger in the retail store. Ask them where they got their clothes, keep tabs on your favorite online stores.

Mainly just find what you love, wear what you feel great in, and enjoy it!

Top : Urban Outfitters // Jeans : Levi’s // Shoes : Jack Rogers // Earrings : Morning Lavender