April Round Up

In the words of Justin Timberlake, “It’s gonna be May!” Okay so the song does not exactly go like that but still! I included a round up of my April posts as well as all the links in one place to shop!

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Jumper : Free People // Tube Top : TopShop // Shoes : Nordstrom



Top : Hollister (similar) (similar) // Skirt : Forever 21 // Wedges : Nordstrom // Bag : Forever 21 (similar) (similar) // Jean Jacket : Hollister (similar)



 Crop Top : TopShop // Jeans : Levi’s // Purse : Tory Burch (similar) // Bandana : Madewell // Shoes : Jack Rogers



Top : PacSun // Shorts : One x One Teaspoon // Shoes : Jack Rogers



Romper : Forever 21 (similar) // Shoes : Nordstrom // Jean Jacket : Forever 21 // Necklace : (similar)



I cannot wait to share all of my new ideas on blog posts to come! Creating new content is always have of the fun for me as well as the actual blogging. Comment any idea or what you want to see more of!

Let’s Talk Lashes

The beauty about being a girl is getting to get dolled up with all your hair done, nails done, errrthang did! Haha but seriously the great thing about being a girl is beauty! One of my favorite beauty topics has always been lashes. Honestly I never like to leave the house without two products : concealer and mascara. When I first started using mascara I loved watching my lashes transform from regular length to touching my eyebrows. It really makes me look more girly and feel more presentable. I wanted to give a few details on my favorite lash products and what I use the most!

One lash product I have not used are lash extensions. The only reason I have not tried them is because I have asked multiple friends if they make your natural lashes less thick and fall out easier and have not gotten a straight ‘no’ answer. I do not want to have to keep up with them monthly. I do absolutely LOVE the way they look! So natural and easy to keep up with so if you have the money to keep getting them filled I would so do it! Maybe a lash serum and breaks between the extensions will make sure your natural lashes stay flawless as well!

My favorite mascara hands down is Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I love the volume and length in one and I so recommend it! The waterproof version tends to clump on me but if you thin it out with eye drops it works well! I also recommend a lash primer if you really want a long lasting look! I use MAC lash primer and it works so well, a great base coat is always a must.


Okay. Lets talk FALSIES! First off I have grown to love the lashes where you apply the glue instead of self adhesive versions and let me tell you why… 1. you can get multiple uses out of your lashes if you keep applying glue and it actually gets easier to apply them after a few uses because they are now fit to your eye and the glue build up helps gives a bigger surface to stick near your lash line but I do not recommend too many uses because that just does not seem cleanly for your eye 2. self adhesive lashes tend to come up easier on the tail ends than glued lashes for me. Also multiple uses are not as easy to do with self adhesive versions but for a one night use go for it!

Velour Lashes // Ardell Demi Wispies // Lilly Lashes 

How to apply : My momma told me she used to watch her mom put on lashes and that is how I learned.

1. Apply a coat of mascara so you have a base and so the falsies will look more natural.

2. Always fit them to your eye before applying, I usually have to cut the ends a small bit so they can properly fit my eye.

3. Stretch them out so they do not go flat against your eye or not stick correctly by curving them and making a ‘U’ shape with them and playing with them. The more you crease them and play with them the more worn in they get. They are like jeans, you need the perfect wear!

4. Apply the glue and let dry a bit so the consistency is sticky and not fluid like! I usually blow on them a bit for a faster drive. If you do not wait for the glue to get sticky you will get glue everywhere and they will not stick. (Skip this step if using self adhesive)

5. I like to press the middle of the lash in the middle of the eyelid and press outward. That is a preference but regardless get the lashes as close to your lash line as possible. I like to close one eye and press them on then wait until that eye looks good before doing it the next one.

6. Reapply a thin coat of mascara after the lash glue has completely dried. I do this before and after so that your natural lashes merge with the falsies.


Traveling Alone + San Diego Must Trys

I recently visited San Diego, California with my mom for one of her business trips. I tagged along and walked around while she was in her conference and I was able to visit parts of the city I had not been to on previous trips. While I really did not mind being by myself, I did however definitely lack a camera person to take all of my pictures.

Traveling alone is actually very new to me, but I really enjoy it! You are on your own time and you do not have to wait around for anyone else. A few of my tips for traveling alone are to have a plan to know where you are going, let someone else know your plans even if they are not in your area, have a way to take pictures or do what you need without someone’s help (i.e. selfie stick, maps), and don’t stress! Enjoy the new experience and do things even though it is just you!

A few of my favorite things that I did while I was in San Diego include :

Holy Matcha : This was the cutest place to take pictures! I love all the pink and matching green and if you are a matcha lover like I am you cannot get enough of this place. Plus who doesn’t love donuts?!

Pigment : The cutest little shop with great finds like jewelry and candles. Also there are so many places to take cute pictures here as well like the pink wall!

The beach: Did you really even go to California if you did not visit the beach or the mountains?! Ocean beach is one of the main beaches and it’s beyond beautiful! Clear water and soft sand, definitely a must!

La Jolla : Okay not necessarily San Diego but a must nonetheless. So beautiful, great weather, and picture perfect at every turn! Definitely gives off the chill Cali lifestyle vibes!

Romper : Forever 21 (similar) // Shoes : Nordstrom // Jean Jacket : Forever 21 // Necklace : (similar)


Go-To Beach Products

I got my inspiration for this post from my last visit to San Diego. I had such a fun time and the beach was definitely my favorite spot! I thought I would share a few of my go-to products I take in my beach bag since Summer is quickly approaching! Honestly a few of these products I have not used in a while but I love to use these when I can. Definitely find the products that work for you and let me know what kind of brands are your favorite!

Kopari Organic Coconut Melt : So I have not used this product yet but I have heard so many good things from different sources! I am all for the all natural products with ingredients you understand and that is what Kopari has! Use this melt for hydrating your skin and repairing it after a good tan sesh!

First Aid Beauty Sunscreen Moisturizer : Two-in-one products like these are my favorite because they are easy to throw on without all of the excess products. Always have a specific sunscreen for different parts of your body! Don’t spray the same body sunscreen on your face since they are made for different parts of you!

Coola Sunless Tan Dry Body Oil : I’m not one for a fake tan, but if you are going to try to get a little color without the harsh sun, go for a product like this one that adds vitamins to your skin and contains no parabens or sulfates!

Neutrogena Sunscreen : I think the most important part of sunscreen is getting the right SPF! Based off your skin tone, make sure you get a higher or lower number for the SPF. I also just really trust Neutrogena with my skin, so even for my body I like to use their products since they are great for people with sensitive skin.

Tony Moly Face Mask : While this isn’t usually a product for the beach, definitely do a hydrating face mask after a trip to the beach. You skin will need a little extra love and care and Tony Moly has some of my favorite masks! Easy to use and fast working, make sure to get a hydrating mask since the sun will dry out your skin, the one I linked has aloe which is even better for after going to the beach!

Top : PacSun // Shorts : One x One Teaspoon // Shoes : Jack Rogers



Spring Uniform

I am definitely going to be wearing nothing but crop tops and denim all Spring! I know for sure with the crazy hot weather that I will not be able to get away with wearing denim much longer, so for now I am definitely going to wear all of my newest purchases. I am in love with these levis right now and the slouchy fit and subtle rips. Mom jeans are definitely a huge trend and I love it! Vintage-y fits and silhouettes are super cute and these levis definitely go with that trend! I also recently bought a new pair of levi shorts that I am head over heels for! Those will definitely be shown in blog posts to come!

What is your favorite piece to be wearing this Spring season?

Crops are also my favorite because they are so cute and easy to throw on! They are so feminine and fun and I love a bright red and this striped one especially. I am definitely getting more into wearing fun accessories as well like this bandana. I never really cared about my accessories honestly until now but I am working on that. I truly think they change up an entire outfit now and fun prints are definitely a help! A few of the bloggers I follow on Instagram have been getting even more creative with their outfit accessories so I definitely have been trying it out slowly.

 Crop Top : TopShop // Jeans : Levi’s // Purse : Tory Burch (similar) // Bandana : Madewell // Shoes : Jack Rogers

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Shopbop Sale

Get your credit cards ready for some serious shopping! Shop bop is having another killer sale & I wanted to show off a few of my favorite picks! There are only three days left in this event unfortunately so be sure to take advantage while you can! There is 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500 or more! Use the code EVENT18 at checkout for your discount! Get all your shopping done on or before April 14th for all of your Spring pieces! And don’t forget to follow my Instagram for even more sales updates @briana.nicole03


Click on the picture for a direct link to the product!

Where to Find Petite Clothing

This past weekend I wend to the NCAA Final Four Concert in San Antonio and I saw Kelsea Ballerini and Jason Aldean for free! There were free concerts all weekend downtown and I loved getting to go and see some live country music! TIP : always look out for events in your city, you never know what you may stumble upon!

On to the post!I have such a hard time sometimes getting clothes that fit me well. I am pretty short and slim and for purposes of the post I will give a few specifics. I am 5’0 and about 104 pounds, I wear size XS or S depending on the brand and size 25/00 for bottoms. My biggest issue is the height. I wanted to list a few places to shop for some brands that offer petite options for girls like me!

Asos : there is a whole section for petite clothing items on the site! I linked straight to the page btw!

Brandy Melville : Great for basics, one thing though is the items only come in one size!

Pretty Little Thing : Fun going out clothes and fun pieces!

TopShop : Cutest petite section ever!

Abercrombie & Fitch : The sizes run small here and they have some pretty great style as well!


Top : Hollister (similar) (similar) // Skirt : Forever 21 // Wedges : Nordstrom // Bag : Forever 21 (similar) (similar) // Jean Jacket : Hollister (similar)

Flower Vault + Picture Pointers

This was definitely one of the most fun shoots I have had! I got to shoot with my best friends at a fun place called the Flower Vault in San Antonio. I think they are only open until the end of April but if you are in the area I would definitely recommend to schedule your appointment to go and visit!

I think the fun part was going to experience this with my friends. Yes it is fun to go take cute pictures at places around your city, but I think that who you go with is the most important! Getting to go visit somewhere new and documenting it is the best! Some of my tips for planning out a fun shoot?

Plan the outfit before hand

Don’t try a new hair or makeup look that day: go with a look you know you love!

Add some fun accessories you know will compliment where you are shooting, if the wall is pink, wear a complimentary color like white

Make your poses natural and keep moving: candid shots are the best!

Take your time : Great photos sometimes take a bit longer, but when you get the hang of it it becomes easier!

Jumper : Free People // Tube Top : TopShop // Shoes : Nordstrom

My Favorite Apps Featuring CaseApp

I wanted to share a few of my favorite apps that I use pretty much daily for fun! I also wanted to show off my new laptop skin and phone case from Case App! I have been wanting a marble case for a while now and I love the white and gold combo. Not only are the cases and laptop skins customizable, but there are cute prints that are fun to pick from. I loved making the custom Iphone case, but I ended up going for the marble after all.

Use my discount code BRIANANICOLE20 for 20% off your purchase!

My favorite apps


Poshmark : Buying and selling clothes are my favorite way to get some great finds without the thrift shopping! There are also so many brands to choose from you can always have a great find!

Liketoknow.it : Of course I had to add this one! Shop your favorite looks from bloggers by taking a screenshot of their picture and get an email directly you to with links to their outfit details! Definitely worth it!


My Fitness Pal : I love this app to track my weight loss and calorie intake. It really helps a lot when you track all of what you are eating and makes you more conscious of your choices

Sworkit : This is a great app to do different kind of workouts! I use it mostly to workout my abs, but there are also cardio and yoga moves as well!


VSCO : This app has the best presets! I love to change my pictures in this app first and mess with the saturation and brightness in this app since it is to similar to lightroom which is how I edit my pictures.

Afterlight : My original editing app, this is how I get all of my basic editing done for a quick upload, pretty close to being just like VSCO!