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Today’s video is about thrifting and reselling your clothes. I usually try to sell items back before I buy anything. Unfortunately, I did not find anything on this trip, so I showed off pieces that I have gotten second hand!

Sandal Round-Up

I haven’t done a shopping round-up in a while so I thought I would do one for some sleek summer sandals. The heat does not seem to be letting up so here are a few of my current favorites. Click on the shoe to be directed to the shopping page.

Where do you shop for your shoes?




Steve Madden


Wellness Wednesday

I recently listened to an IG LIVE with Lauryn Evarts-Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential and Mona Vand on wellness. Now, these two are probably the queens of wellness. I wanted to share a few of their tips from the talk and touch on a few wellness points of my own that I have tried to incorporate in my routine.

I think what works for one person of course isn’t going to work for everyone, but there are a few things that do help a majority of people. As Lauryn said, “you’re your own guinea pig”. I think that really resonated with me especially when I form my skincare/workout/eating routine. I try to find that perfect combination that works for me.

Another point that Mona mentioned that stuck out to me was that one of her biggest wellness tips was to eat real food. I have actually read something on this a while back and if you think about it, it makes SO much sense. Cutting out processed foods and foods that come in boxes and packages just don’t seem as healthy as fresh fruits and veggies. Try limiting your intake of food that comes from a package and shop fresher options. You will probably eat more but feel better.

More recommendations

Rose Nectar : add a drop in your water for or use as a toner for soothing skin redness and irritation

Hemp Seeds : Add a little to your morning breakfast for some amazing benefits

Dates : Another wellness and beauty favorite that has a slow sugar release


Disclaimer : None of these pictures are my own

Zaful Haul – 3 Outfits for under $100

All items came out to be under $100

Use Promo code ‘BRIANA18’ for 18% off your order at Zaful

Blue Bikini :

Hair Clip Set :

Purple Bikini :

Purple Shorts :

Denim Shorts :

Purse :

White Dress :



Friday Faves

I have to start off my Friday Faves with the new Fenty Skin collection. I am a big fan of the makeup line and Rihana’s attention to diversity and detail. I listened to a podcast by The Fat Mascara and I trust their judgment; I also really want to try the SPF moisturizer because I was just thinking the other day that I need a new one that acts as a good primer. Also, a Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum? YES PLEASE. You had me at the name, sign me up.

Eucalyptus in the Shower and its Benefits – An oldie but a goodie

Do you think the voting age should be lowered?

Apparently, Basics know no age gap

It takes 2 minutes to read how you can make the planet a little cleaner

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Instagram Round Up

For any content creators, I always would recommend being posting to multiple platforms. Not only is this good for growth, but at any point, your content can be taken down for any reason. You could be hacked or it may not comply with guidelines, or the platform might not even exist anymore (I’m looking at you Tik Tok). So to keep up with that mentality, I thought I would do a quick round-up from my latest Instagram posts with the clothing linked below. A lot of these items can also be found styled in my latest Youtube videos.

Dress : Princess Polly // Socks : (similar) // Purse : SheIn

Top : Pretty Little Thing // Pants : NastyGal

Top : Shop Dwntwn // Bag : Shop Dwntwn

Top : Pretty Little Thing

Trends Past & Predicting their Rebound

Fashion is like history, is it doomed to repeat itself. The good thing about both is that you can alter it. When a trend comes back around, it does not always come back around the same way, it comes back more modern and fitting with the times. For example, the puka shell necklace trend recently made a comeback and while the original shells were seen, the more popular necklaces tended to be in gold. Gold layered necklaces were already trending so it reinvented the puka shell necklace.

I thought it would be interesting to look back at some trends and try to predict their comeback or how they might re-evolve.

What was one of your favorite fashion trends?

Zebra Print : 1-3 Years

Cheetah print recently made a comeback and while it was short-lived, it was fun. I am ALWAYS here for a good cow print (as long as it is not a gaudy attempt at it). But zebra print I have not seen much of in big numbers. I can definitely see it resurging because of the sleek black and white nature. As long as it’s simple and elegant in the comeback, its okay in my book.

Dresses Over Jeans : 3 Years

I’m praying this one takes longer than 3 years but who knows. I think my dislike comes from being from Texas, I cannot even think about wearing heavy denim much less under a dress. I do however have an exception, which is pictured below. I think that this is a great idea when a dress unbuttons all the way. This I could definitely see coming back, however, I am not a fan of tight, distressed denim atm.

Bedazzled Denim : 6 Years

I reallyyyyy hope that when this one comes back it makes a full turnaround because I do not think I can wear this. What I will say is I did like the pearls on denim jackets that happened for a hot second in 2017.

Low Rise Jeans : 10 Years

I’m giving these a bit more time because of quarantine. Everyone seems to be throwing out their clothes that just aren’t as comfortable, starting with tighter jeans. Now if there was a pair of low rise straight legs maybe I could see it, but it’s hard enough getting abs, no one wants to show them off (or lack thereof) right now. Also, can I just say they seem to be very unflattering when it comes to that lower pouch that women tend to have, and I cannot even think about sitting down in a clear aesthetically pleasing chair wondering if my booty is fully covered! Also, Nylon is totally against their comeback & I pretty much always side with Nylon.


(Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures in this post)

Morning Skincare Routine

I’ve been dipping a bit more into skincare since I read that skinfluencers are becoming more popular. Also, ever since I’ve been back in Texas I have been getting small pimples on my forehead which also prompted my interest. I started seeing how many girls have long routines, and while I have a few more steps in my nighttime skincare regimen, I do not do more than a few steps. My skin responds best when I do not put a lot of product on it, and I will try a weekly mask to compensate for the steps I took out. I would stay that you should definitely find what works for your skin and stick with it.


Cleanser : I usually switch between my Neutrogena face wash and YTTP Superfood Cleanser both are gentle and equally cleansing

I like to follow up with the YTTP resurfacing energy facial, I feel like it really helps get anything out that was left in my pores from the night before

Next up is serum. I love this one by drunk elephant, but I am also really loving this one by versed

Eye cream is a must for me because I am prone to dark circles. Recently I’ve been using bye bye under eye cream by IT Cosmetics

Lastly, I apply my sunscreen to my face, neck and the tops of my hands. I’ve been using this one from drunk elephant because it feels so light

Here is a link to more of my favorite skincare products :

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Mini Haul



Sans Souci Dress :

Sans Souci Blazer :

Sans Souchi Top :

Purple Dress :

SheIn Purple Bag :,RJ_NoFaultTolerant~~Customers%20Also%20Viewed~~SPcProductDetailCustomersAlsoViewedList~~0~~0

Brown Bag :

Black Backless Top :

Nasty Gal Pants :

Pretty Little Thing White Top :

Pretty Little Thing Crop Top :


I had never heard of cottagecore until I saw it mentioned in one of my daily Newsette newsletters. The article mentioned #cottagecore on tik tok and I went to check it out for myself. I loved the aesthetic and it also made me more aware of other subcultures such as dark academia.

I love the idea of subcultures when one of the recent online classes I took touched on the subject. Much more than a trend, it almost defines a group of people based on a stereotype. This one is right up my alley and while I jump around from different aesthetics, I do enjoy this one.

Also known as farmcore or countrycore, I will say that is has been criticized a bit on twitter for being known as what the rich use to show off their country home. I think that it is definitely more than that but it is also a downfall. I also took this Buzzfeed quiz and I got 53% cottagecore. Comment below what you get!

What do you think about this dreamy, nature-based aethetic?

Here’s my attempt at some cottage core with an edgy feel hence the boots.

Dress : Sans Souci