The Influencer Series

It's time for another round up of the Influencer Series. I try to do these 1-2 times a week and they quickly add up! These are just small excerpts from my conversation with various influencers. To get the full scoop (and important insight) be sure to watch the entire interview over on my IGTV (@briana.nicole03). [...]

This Week on Clubhouse…

This week during the Tuesday room we talked about Content 101. We talked all about editing styles, apps we use, tips we use and if we like using a tripod or shooting with a person (spoiler alert, it's both). Here are some major take aways from Tuesday's room featuring the following influencers: @briana.nicole03@itsestherlane@elizabethandreaa@estefiortizTrynfinddebby@mrs_emontano@nicoleandrea.xo@taylants@esmirnatapia@biancaenchanted@skylerbaldwin@itzycanales@kelseylapolla Splice vs. [...]

The Influencer Series

As the digital media world continues to take off, you are either on it or you're left behind. I commend those who try to keep up no matter at what stage. I definitely have a lot to learn still and with that comes advice and learning from others. To keep up with my community, I [...]

Promo Codes

Who doesn't love saving money when they shop? I for sure always try to get the best bang for my buck. (that's how the idiom goes, right?) Well, here I am to save your wallet from agony. Below are my promo codes for you to use to save some money and continue to feed your [...]

Style Inspiration

Where do you get your information? I had someone ask me recently where I got my news from out of curiosity since it seemed like my age group mostly got their sources from social media. I thought I would ask you, where you get your outfit inspiration. With so many outlets and not very many [...]