The Influencer Series

Incase you’ve missed my recent interviews with a few of the influencers below, here are a few snippets from the IG Live Segments. To see full interviews, head over to my instagram account @BRIANA.NICOLE03 as they are all saved to IGTV. New Instagram lives are done weekly.

Talking with Christian Blogger @jillian.oc

“I would love to speak to Christians, but I want this to be a place where someone who doesn’t know God or doesn’t follow God or is Angry at God, wherever they are at with their journey, I want this to be a place where you can come and still get something out of my page”


Talking Content Creation with @danixelisa

“I miss (creating content) in one day because you feel like I just did that”


Talking Fitness & Motivational journaling with @edenmarquis

“For me it’s really feeling comfortable, you want to start off small and then gradually add on. A lot of people want to start off.. stacking weights. You have to remember what level you are at.”


Talking Fashion and Style with @howhanseesit

“You have to figure out what works for you and to hone in on what you’re going to be about you have to try everything.”

What Size are You?

This post was written for my certification with Parsons x Teen Vogue

What size are you? That’s a pretty loaded question if you ask me. ‘I’m a size small for the most part, if it’s an Australian brand I’m usually a 2-4, if it’s European I’m usually a 6, sometimes I’m an extra small since I am petite, probably a medium if it’s a crop top.’

You can go to the nearest mall and find that you can probably fit into three different size categories depending on the brand of the items. Here are some pictures of me doing just that. While my size sometimes does range depending on my weight, I am usually pretty consistent.

These Zara pants always run a bit small on me. I absolutely love them, but I usually have to go up a size for comfort

This coat was actually my grandma’s, I’m not sure where she got it but it is a size 8 which is way too big. It really fit me like a 4 and was only a little oversized

This sweater is a Large from Forever 21. I loved the sleeves and tried to wear it as a dress since I am so short. I still have to wear shorts underneath, but it fit me really well.

These shorts are a small from Zaful, I should have opted for an extra small as they fit like a size 4, but this was my first time ordering so smalls are usually my safe zone.

I’ve learned that when shopping online, it is important to read the model’s measurements. I have become accustomed to knowing what size I am when shopping within a certain brand, and that it is better to try something on to see how it will fit you. Every brand is a little different, and that is great because everyone’s body is a little different. You have to find not only what you like, but what works for you.

So tell me, what size are you?

My Lulu’s Picks

I recently became a Lulu’s affiliate and I wanted to share a few of my favorite trending items that I think are just some must-haves. Am I feeding your shopping addiction? Yes. But I am also feeding my own shopping addiction so it’s a win-win in my opinion. While I would get a small commission if you buy anything, that is not the only reason I am sharing my picks. I always want to be authentic, and share items I really do like, have tried, want to try, believe in, and make sense for my “brand”. I turn down a lot of smaller collaborations so that I can always be authentic and grow toward what I want to become. Blah blah blah, let’s get on with the show.


Kyra Black Crocodile-Embossed Pointed-Toe …

Can’t go wrong with a classic black heel, this one is a must especially with the crocodile-embossed detailing

Keen Interest Black Mesh Peplum Top | Lulus

Can we just… I’m normally not a peplum person but the sheer detail makes all the difference. The black choker is really what sold me too tbh.


Aisha Black Trouser Pants | Lulus

I guess I am going for an all-black vibe. A good pair of trousers is a must; you can take them from day to night if you do it right. Another hack for me is usually to get the cropped trousers because they tend to fit me better since I am so short.

So Easy White Ribbed Snap Front Bodysuit |…

A good bodysuit will take you places. This one is definitely giving me “model off duty” vibes and you can’t go wrong with that. Call me Bella Hadid and hand me a spicy marg, I’m sold.

Let’s Have Some Fun White Ribbed Off-the-S…

This top is just a power move. That’s it, that’s my description.


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Lulus Heart Logo

Instagram Round Up

Do you ever put on an outfit and you just really want to show it off? Well, I do. I love getting outfit inspiration and it makes me excited when I get to post them. I also have days where I post and I am not feeling an outfit or it just isn’t what I thought it would look like in my head. Here’s a round-up of some of my recent favorite Instagram (briana.nicole03) outfits.

Which is your favorite?

Honestly, this outfit wasn’t exactly one of my favorites. I really did need something to shoot and I quickly threw this together which I never do unless I am desperate. What really made this look turn around was that I added the chunky necklace and I loved my hair.

Crop Top : Glassons // Pants : Forever 21

I was actually in loveee with this outfit. The whole look is from Pretty Little Thing and I really loved how they styled this shirt dress with a belt so I opted for one of these extra long belts to really make it my statement piece. I think that is really what makes an outfit is a focal point for the eye.

Shirt Dress : PLT // Belt : PLT

I had really been wanting a pair of pleather shorts and I initially thought that this blazer would be a more structured material but as soon as I put it on I loved it and it did look the same as it did on the model.

Shorts : PLT // Blazer : PLT

I saw another influencer wear these pants on Instagram (I forgot who it was or I would have tagged them) and I had to have a pair! Honestly they are so fun and I just wanted to live in this outfit. This is a good example of playing with dimensions. I love how the pants are a bit baggy and the top is very tight to my upper half.

Top : Princess Polly // Pants : SheIn

Princess Polly Discount Code : ‘Briana’ for 20% off

This look is my neutral dream and gave me tropical vibes! I love the subtle mix of fabrics that perfectly compliment each other because of their color. These pants are so soft and another pair I can definitely just live in if I could.

Top : Glassons // Pants : SheIn

Mood Board

So I’ve actually been gravitating away from my usual neutral style and I’ve really been liking the vintage vibes. I would say a bit more of the 90’s vibes but it is definitely more than that. I really like the fun colors and geometrical prints especially, though I know this trend would have been much better in the Spring/Summer months.

I like to describe my style as kind of the “mean girl” style. Something you would see the popular character in a chick flick wear and since movies range so does that style. It can be neutrals, it can be pastels, but it is usually paired with lipgloss and a killer hairdo.

So here is my current mood board for my current style (which can honestly change at any moment)

What’s your style preference right now? 



You can’t have a cool style without glowy skin. Definitely a must in my mood board. I have been wanting this serum from Summer Friday’s but it is a bit pricey. I’ve heard amazing things and I am sure it is well worth it!



2020 Round Up

2020 has not been one of the best years but it is one that people will remember. I wanted to take a look back at a few of my favorite outfits and reflect on the trends that we have seen come and go. I love being able to reflect back on a single topic and see how much growth and development has come even if it is just in terms of the material we put on our bodies.

What has been one of your favorite fashion trends this year?

I found this skirt at Wasteland on Melrose and I was so excited to wear it to Coachella. I’m still so sad it did not happen, but I loved this look so much I made it my profile pictures on multiple platforms

#STAYATHOMEFASHION was thriving and I loved partaking in the trend where you dress up your comforter for fun

One of my very first shoots outside since quarantine first began, the trench is from Nastygal

I took this shot the same day as the one above and it was at the same location just a few steps away. I fell in love with these Zara pants

My first shoot back home, I remember when this top was trending and I loved it and could not wait to wear it out

This was one of my first shooting behind target, I have since loved the aesthetic, and I actually painted the back of this oversized blazer you can see HERE

Headscarves were IT for me! When I first took these pictures I fell in love and I thought this was the best thing ever! I still love them but really it was just a good trend!

This outfit was one of my favorite collaborations because it had so many features with a smaller brand and I love to support

I still am in love with this Princess Polly look and this dress is just so flattering! Another one of my favorite collaborations

This look was a hit because of the jacket which was actually my grandma’s so it’s vintage which makes me love it even more!

I had to show off one of the tops I made since I started learning how to sew this year. It did not come out exactly how I wanted but I’m glad it’s something that I am working on continuously.

Thank you for all of the support and comments over this year! Wishing you and your family a Happy Holidays!

Pretty Little Thing

I was fortunate enough to collaborate with one of my favorite fashion brands, Pretty Little Thing. I definitely had to show off these items again because I loved how the pictures came out. If you saw my recent PR Haul, then you have already seen these items and if you follow me on Instagram (@briana.nicole03) then you also may have seen these images but I wanted to talk about them a little more in depth!

Pleather Shorts : So I love how comfy and cute these shorts are! They are super flattering, but the one thing that I would say is that they do get a little hot because of the material.

Black Blazer : I was worried for a second because I thought the material would be a bit thicker like the product shot, but when I put it on I loved how it looked and it did look like how it did on the website after all!

Shirt Dress : I absolutely love how this looked on me, it doesn’t look like much when I unboxed it, but when it put it on it really did come to life! This is why it is so important to try things on because when you see how it looks on you or on a model it really makes you fall in love with the piece

Long Belt : I have been wanting one of these belts for a while now but I didn’t really have much of a need for it until I saw a similar belt paired with this shirt dress! Definitely a must!

PR Haul


Welcome back to my channel I’ve received a few PR Packages and some items in exchange for Instagram posts so I thought I would do a haul and share! I found most of the links which can be seen below, be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE

Frank Body

Scrub Set :


Jeju Root Energy Mask

My real squeeze mask

My lip balm


Butterfly Top :

Tie Dye Shirt :

Missguided Shirt :

Denim Shirt Dress :

Set (similar) :


Ribbed Tank :

Skirt :

Halter :

Ruched Crop :

Pretty Little Thing

Shirt Dress :

Leather Shorts :

Skort :

Belt :

Blazer :




A Few of My Favorite Things

*Cue the sound of music* Christmas is almost here so I wanted to do a short post of some of my favorite things that would make great last-minute items that would be great gifts to give. I have a variety of everything from dainty gold jewelry to the new Alexa, and if you need some more gifting inspo, be sure to check out my wish list tabs. As always, be sure to click on the images for a direct link for where to buy the items.

Gold Necklaces

Jewelry is always a staple when it comes to a good gift. But where to find a good piece is usually half the battle. Pick a place like Au-Rate that has amazing pieces that are all on-trend, so you don’t have to worry about picking out one your 16-year-old niece will never wear.

Stocking Stuffer

I never thought I would be so happy to get a pair of Christmas socks. There is definitely an age limit for this one, but wrap in a $10 gift card and you just became the best gift giver at the holiday party.

Echo Dot

A great one for the techy in your life, I think I would enjoy getting this one! While I can’t say its my favorite because I don’t have one, I think it would definitely be a good gift.

The Perfect Pillow

I’ve been eyeing these from Urban Outfitters but I have not pulled the trigger yet because I am not big on having guests sit on the floor. But I love the color and they are great for a variety of ages, heck even for a guy too!


Another Item I thought I’d never be into, candles. I honestly love to light candles now and I get so sad when they are almost out. Homesick candles are perfect for someone like me who lives in another state. A gift with an extra little thought behind it is what anyone really needs!.

Facial Roller

For the Beauty Guru who has all of the serums and facial mists, get them something that they can add to their routine without trying to mispronounce hyaluronic acid to the girl at the mall kiosk.


Recreating Emma Chamberlain’s Instagram Images


I wanted to do something a little different and I absolutely love watching Emma Chamberlain’s youtube videos so I thought I would recreate three images from her Instagram account.

Drop your comments below and let me know if there is anything specific you want to see me create! You can also find me on Tik Tok @ b_wear and Instagram at @ briana.nicole03