The Influencer Series

It’s time for another round up of the Influencer Series. I try to do these 1-2 times a week on IG Live to really get to know more girls and share that while we have this one commonality of social media, there is so much more to us all as well.These are just small excerpts from my conversation with various influencers. To get the full scoop (and important insight) be sure to watch the entire interview over on my IGTV (@briana.nicole03).

Talking Makeup with @laughloveandhippie @sarah_novio @christyclassyfied

“I just bought all of these eyeshadow colors and that’s how I fell in love with makeup” – @laughloveandhippie

“Alot of our journeys started with some influence from Mac” – @christyclassyfied

“Find people that you look up to (when it comes to) makeup” – @sarah_novio

Talking Content Creation with @marcellamarie_

“I feel like I was one of those people that took just such a leap into this”

Girl Chat with @ootd.diana @whatvanessawears + @gigitrends

“I don’t want to go over there that’s kind of embarrassing” – @whatvanessawears

“I was trying to be so accommodating and I never heard from them” – @gigitrends

“You would think that brands would care” – @ootd.diana

You have to watch the IGTV for the whole story behind these quotes!

Talking with Social Media / Influencer Relations Manager at Akira 

“PR people are always so busy, keep your email (pitches) to around a paragraph” – @remaswei

Rema also shared a sneak peek at Akira’s newest collections that are yet to be released!

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