IG Round Up

I always want to stress the importance of backing up your content to a secondary platform. On top of that, repurposing content on multiple platforms allows for growth and awareness! If you follow me on my main platform (Instagram) then you have seen these images and so from here I am going to post them again to Pinterest. I like to imagine social media as a “game” and it’s a game I like playing. The rules are always changing, players always joining in, and inspiration everywhere.

Sweater : Missguided // Boots : Missguided

This one one of my favorite looks and the pictures came out so well, hence why there are so many on this post! I did not expect them to look like this and I love when I really fall in love with the images and I feel good about it which is not always the case.

Bodysuit : Missguided // Jeans : Missguided (similar)

Swimsuit : Bestswimwear Top + Bottom

Dress : Verge Girl

Sweatshirt : Le Junior Club

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