What I Wore Lately

I have been wanting to shoot in my car for a while now, and while these images actually did not turn out how I envisioned, it just gives me another reason to shoot again. There is something about the two vehicles that I drive, first being this white convertible. I love this car and I have had it since I first got my license at 18. (I took drivers ed twice and wasn’t in a rush). I knew I wanted this car and the only thing I wanted differently was a tan top. But I have loved it, all the way through, even with the accidental dents, scratches and dings that happen when it’s your first vehicle. I know I can park most anywhere because it is so small and ever since riding in my ex-boyfriend’s seabring, I know that I needed a convertible because going down the highway with the top down just feels like flying. Add that with a good song and I swear you can feel God with you.

The second vehicle I drive is really my dad’s truck. I took it with me to California and all of my friends know me as the small girl in the big truck. It’s really not that big but for LA I guess it is. I feel safe in that truck though and I like being able to see everything. Now that truck I have also managed to fit into one too many compact parking spots, I know just how close I can get to an object in front of me, and let me tell you my parallel parking skills are beyond compare. Either way, I like to be known for my vehicles, both on different ends of the spectrum and out of the ordinary in their own way.

I guess I should really talk about the outfit instead of going on about my vehicles since this is really supposed to be about what I wore recently! It really is simple because like I said I had a different vision for what I wanted to shoot. The body suit is from Pretty Little Thing and I know it really should go with a pair of pants… some wide-legged light wash denim would be preferred, but I had to spice it up a bit. The cut outs were too good and I am a sucker for brown so here we are! Highly recommend.

Body Suit : Pretty Little Thing

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