This Week on Clubhouse…

We had two really great topics of discussion this week on Advice from Influencers! As always, our room is always all inclusive and can benefit anyone on social media. If you want to join in on the conversation every Tuesday and Thursday you can listen live at 7 pm PST and I would also follow the Advice from Influencers room on Clubhouse so that you are notified anytime we start a room!

The moderators from Tuesday’s room were :

  • @briana.nicole03
  • @itsestherlane
  • @mmichelleelena
  • @theegreatgabs
  • @howhanseesit
  • @elizabethandreaa_
  • @biancaenchanted
  • @gigitrends
  • @kelseylapolla
  • @trynfinddebby
  • @mrs_emontano
  • @esmirnatapia
  • @estefiortiz

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Collabs

  • Personalization is key when it comes to collabs on both sides
  • You shouldn’t pay to work with someone – if they want to work with you then they want to work with you!
  • Always give a little more than a brand asks if you want longevity in partnerships
  • Create a deck/moodboard for someone you want to work with
  • Create a PR contact sheet with dates and emails so you can remember and reach out at a later date
  • Curacity – sign up for hotel collabs through this site!
  • Do your homework on brands that you want to work with

The Moderators from Thursday’s room were :

  • @edenmarquis
  • @taylorgrace
  • @laughloveandhippie
  • @gen.styles
  • @dineinstyle
  • @lovesarafaye
  • @im_lola__
  • @stylewithgen
  • @lexxidanica
  • @ashleyyyvonne
  • @kristindawnmejia
  • @danniponce
  • @taylasnts

This week we talked about transparency/mental health

  • When it comes to working with a brand, be transparent about what to expect and as them what they should expect
  • Say ‘no’ when you need a break
  • The desire to do something comes from God and that passion is there for a reason
  • Instagram is a highlight reel, you can be more authentic in your stories and captions
  • A recommended read – The Highly Sensitive Person
  • We also spoke on an activity we have gotten back to during the pandemic like painting or doing puzzles… what hobby have you taken up?

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