This Week on Clubhouse…

Incase you missed one of the two Advice from Influencers rooms this week, here is a short round up of some of the high points! Be sure to tune in for all of the tips, tricks, and occasional gossip! Our rooms are for everyone on social media and a lot of times are just a big girl chat! If you need an invite to Clubhouse send me a DM at Briana.nicole03 on Instagram.

The Mods for Tuesday at 7 PM PST were :

  • @briana.nicole03
  • @theegreatgabs
  • @trynfinddebby
  • @biancaenchanted
  • @itsestherlane
  • @kelseylapolla
  • @mrs_emontano
  • @howhanseesit
  • @sachasteph_
  • @esmirnatapia
  • @estefiortiz
  • @nicoleandrea.xo
  • @elizabethandreaa_
  • @stylewithgen

This week we discussed how to Monetize your IG :

“My first collab was with fanola. I had around 3 thousand followers and I still work with them to this day” – Gen

“I had my first collaboration through Trend io and I was around 2 thousand followers” – Nicole Andrea 

“I was paid $1,200 when I got a collaboration through a third party app” – Nicole Andrea 

Estefania worked with Neutrogena at 3-4 K

Don’t think that you can’t get paid if you’re under 10K

Always keep a good relationship with your collaborations

“There’s a time to put your foot down and ask for payment” – Esther

“Never just click on links in pitch emails, try to do your research first and hover over the link to see if it is legitimate” – Debby – Link to new Influencer Union with benefits

This Thursday’s Mods were :

  • @lexxidanica
  • @laughloveandhippie
  • @kristindawnmejia
  • @dineinstyle
  • @christyclassyfied
  • @ashleyyyvonne
  • @taylasnts
  • @im_lola__
  • @edenmarquis
  • @danniponce
  • @taylorgrace
  • @lovesarafaye
  • @briana.nicole03

Discussing biggest IG Mistakes + Account Audits

Add your niche to your name so you are searchable 

“I signed the rights away to my first blog” – Kristin 

Look at other creators you look up to and see what they are doing differently and what you can do 

Tag a popular location near you 

Utilize Hashtagslayer for looking up hashtags that work 

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