This Week on Clubhouse…

I am happy to announce that I have gotten a new job opportunity so I will be combining the two rooms starting next week to have all of the moderators speak once a week on a variety of topics on Tuesdays at 7 PM PST. Let us know what you want us to chat about!

This Tuesday’s Moderators were :








Notes on Mental Health :

Social Media can distort what life should be like – Esther 

Go for a walk, or doing something physical can help clear your head 

Take a break when needed – don’t post if you’re not feeling well 

Have a good support system

Refocus your five senses 

Take Deep Breath – trace your hand with a finger to calm yourself down at the same time – Kelsey 

Find a support group in your area

The Calm App and Headspace apps is a good help for meditation 

Listen to higher frequencies on youtube or deep focus on spotify – @nicoleandreaxo 

You are not your thoughts – Gen 

This Thursday’s Moderators were :








Take a hiatus – so stay relevant by engaging with people you really enjoy, come back when you’re ready

Look back at old content and reinspire yourself

Every morning write a page of everything that is in your mind – Taylor Grace

Don’t let yourself be overloaded and burnt off by content

Scroll through art content

Watch youtube videos of someone who’s life you envision for yourself

Make a vision board and put it somewhere you can see it everyday

Science of the Minds by Ernest Holmes – recommended by a listener

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