This Week on Clubhouse

This was an exciting week on Clubhouse as we combined the Tuesday and Thursday rooms! We went back to basics and discussed a topic we have discussed before but is always highly requested. We chose to keep it broad and discuss working with brands which encompasses a ton of different experiences as well. Have a topic you want us to discuss? Leave a comment below!

When it comes to media kits :

  • Canva
  • Fohr
  • My Collab Kit
  • Look up templates on etsy and pinterest

The Best Campaigns we have worked on:

  • Estefania got to go on a cruise with BudWeiser
  • Elizabeth Montano got to meet the founder of dry bar
  • Esther has gotten to work with Disney Plus, Disney XD and More as she always wanted to be a actress for Disney

When it comes to sharing contacts:

  • What does your relationship look like with the person you are asking for the contact from?
  • Have you first reached out to the brand?
  • Sometimes the emails are confidential, don’t be upset if someone is not comfortable
  • Sometimes contacts are not comfortable when you do not reach out first
  • If someone asks you and you want to say no, that’s okay. You are not gatekeeping.


  • Create an insights template of how the post did a few days after posting to send to your rep
  • Do your homework on a brand before pitching

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