This Week On Clubhouse…

This Tuesday’s topic was “Growing an Engaged Community”. You can see the main takeaways below which included some really great tips + tricks from organic growth and some digital tools that really anyone should use no matter what industry you are in. That is why I love clubhouse. You really get to hear all of the secrets that other people utilize as the clubs promote community and inclusivity, despite being an exclusive app.  At any given time you can hear a room of brand execs, creatives, or even your next door neighbor discussing marketing tactics, world views, or pop culture.

Be sure to follow the club “Advice from Influencers” on Clubhouse (and me @briana.nicole03) so you are notified anytime we host a room! Rooms are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm PST.

So without further ado, here are the tips from this Tuesday’s room featuring the following Moderators:

  • @briana.nicole03
  • @itsestherlane
  • @christyclassyfied
  • @kelseylapolla
  • @biancaenchanted
  • @mrs_emontano
  • @mmichelleelena
  • @esmirnatapia
  • @trynfinddebby
  • @elizabethandreaa
  • @gigitrends

When commenting…

  • Fully read the caption
  • Try to make an organic comment and stray away from just an emoji or “cute”

Helpful Websites

  • – Helps find brand contacts
  • – Helps find brand contacts
  • Streak – a gmail plugin that helps you track emails to see if they have been seen or opened

Tips for Engaging

  • Share Life Changes
  • Authenticity in every comment
  • Engage on other’s stories

See you on Thursday!

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