This Week on Club House…

Incase you missed one of the two Advice from Influencers rooms this week, here is a short round up of some of the high points! Be sure to tune in for all of the tips, tricks, and occassional gossip! Our rooms are for everyone on social media and a lot of times are just a big girl chat! If you need an invite to Clubhouse send me a DM at Briana.nicole03 on Instagram.

The Mods for Tuesday at 7 PM PST were :

  • @briana.nicole03
  • @gigitrends
  • @kelseylapolla
  • @mrs_emontano
  • @howhanseesit
  • @sachasteph_
  • @esmirnatapia
  • @estefiortiz
  • @nicoleandrea.xo
  • @elizabethandreaa_
  • @stylewithgen

This week’s Topic was Motivation and how to get through it when you hit a slump

  • Step away from scrolling – helps with FOMO
  • Pinterest and other accounts can re-inspire you
  • Time Cubes Can Help – preset timers to keep you on track
  • The X goal planner Planner helps writing down and accomplishing goals
  • Planning was most noted, from planning content to planning your day, it helps when you are prepared and helps control not getting overwhelmed
  • Find your why, that’s what keeps your fire going
  • Find an Instagram bestie to talk to and vent with

The Moderators for this past Thursday’s room were :

  • @ashleyyyvonne
  • @edenmarquis
  • @gen.styles
  • @laughloveandhippie
  • @im_lola__
  • @lexxidanica
  • @dineinstyle
  • @taylorgrace
  • @danniponce
  • @kristindawnmejia
  • @taylasnts
  • @christyclassyfied
  • @briana.nicole03

Tanke – Website that tracks engagement

Filler photos – good to use over reels, ask your community if they like to see them or not; They don’t do as well when it comes to analytics 

Carousel posts seem to be shown multiple times in feed

Use linkedin to find social media coordinator for a specific brand when pitching

Loom App – video based app where you can send video of your screen ex. can use for video proposals 

Asana and Airtable help plan content

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