Instagram Round-UP

I have been SLACKING when it comes to blogging but I am back with an outfit round-up! I have really been into trendy looks and so I had to do a mini round-up of some of my favorite outfits of the moment. All of these looks have been posted on my Instagram account so for more angles and photos be sure to follow me @briana.nicole03 on Instagram.

Can we talk about how fashion from previous decades is coming back?! I am seeing the 70’s, 90’s and y2k style EVERYWHERE I look when I get on Instagram. I honestly am here for it though. I love how easily fashion comes back around, except for low-rise denim, which can stay in the past with the rest of the bad mistakes we made. But I am honestly here for the hairstyles (see below) and the makeup looks as well. I think with the rise of apps like Tik Tok and Clubhouse, I’m really observing a culture of sharing knowledge, tips, and tricks. That along with the rise of clean-beauty, sustainable fashion, and more accepting generations, I have hope for the future.

Hat : Princess Polly // Pants : Princess Polly 


Top : AliExpress


Earrings : Gorjana // Ear Cuff : Gorjana


Orange Set : Princess Polly // Bag : Princess Polly


Pants : Cider


Top : Glassons // Skirt : Glassons

Top : Glassons (similar) // Pants : Glassons (similar)


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