Club House Tips I’ve Learned

I know I did a recent post on Clubhouse promoting my Tuesday room, which has now expanded to Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM PST. I truly do think this platform is so beneficial for everyone as it covers a variety of topics and really does promote collaboration over competition. Gatekeeping is not found here and in that spirit, I wanted to share a few things that I have learned while listening periodically to different rooms.

I also encourage you to reach out if you need an invitation to the application and tune into my room that I moderate with 15-30 other influencers called Advice from Influencers every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM PST.

  • Shoot your shot, a lot of creators are saying that they wished that they would have asked brands for monetary compensation way earlier than they did.
  • Take hashtags out of your bio, it leads away from your page
  • Longer Captions help engage your audience
  • If you are not making it to the explore page on Instagram, remove your hashtags from your last three posts and do not use hashtags on your next few posts
  • Make sure your profile picture is of your face unless you are a brand
  • It doesn’t matter your size, you are influencing someone
  • Ask a question at the end of a caption in survey form (ex. A. I will try B. I will not try)

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