The Influencer Series

As the digital media world continues to take off, you are either on it or you’re left behind. I commend those who try to keep up no matter at what stage. I definitely have a lot to learn still and with that comes advice and learning from others. To keep up with my community, I do a weekly IG Live series called the Influencer Series. These are just small excerpts from my conversation with various influencers. To get the full scoop (and important insight) be sure to watch the entire interview over on my IGTV (@briana.nicole03).

Talking Influencing + Content Creation with @blakeswanner

“As you grow you find your niche (and) what categories you want to see yourself in”

Talking Modeling with @lauffernanda

“I was having a breakdown and then they told me I booked a commercial for Clinique”

Talking Health +Wellness PR with @skylerbaldwin

“When am I logging off” Skyler goes into the importance of work/life balance

Talking with Singer/Influencer @halliescottt

“I’m not originally a singer, I started out as a dancer”

Be sure to tune into my “Influencer Series” on IG Live weekly, I always put up a story the day before with a count down reminders so you don’t miss it and if you do you can catch up with them all on my IGTV right after! I always love having on new guests so if you want to nominate someone to be on the series drop me a message and follow my account @briana.nicole03 on Instagram, Clubhouse or Tik Tok.

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