Style Inspiration

Where do you get your information? I had someone ask me recently where I got my news from out of curiosity since it seemed like my age group mostly got their sources from social media. I thought I would ask you, where you get your outfit inspiration.

With so many outlets and not very many places to go to see new styles due to the pandemic, where do you see trending looks? Do you stick to magazines/online publications? Or do you happen to come by a cool look scrolling on your social media platform?

Pinterest : I feel like this is a cool place to get top notch inspiration. These looks have even merged to other platforms such as Tik Tok where users recreate Pinterest looks

Tik Tok : In my opinion if the transitions and content are well done, video is an even better way to be influenced into buying pieces

Instagram : An oldie but goodie, one of the best ways to see what people are actually wearing and where

Online publications : You can’t go wrong with getting recommendations on the best trends from notable publications such as refinery 29, allure for beauty or WhoWhatWear

Shopping : Wearing what you like is the most important, and popular shops usually offer clothing that is trending. This is a great way to be organic in what you wear


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