Influencers on Clubhouse

If you haven’t heard of the new audio social media app clubhouse then let me put you onto it. I like to describe it as being similar to participating in a podcast in real-time. Your feed is called a “hallway” and you are able to join different “rooms” where you listen to moderators discuss various topics. There are all types of discussions being had at all times from entrepreneurship, to celebrity gossip, discussions on popular tv shows, love/friendship and so much more.

I was really loving the app and how easy it was to drop in and out and learn new tips and tricks. I gathered a group of influencers that were already on the app and created our own room that will be in session every Tuesday at 7 P.M. PST. The application is only available to iPhone users at the moment and you must be invited to join.

Excuse the blur, the image was built for Instagram Stories

Our room is called Advice from Influencers 2K-24K and each week we talk about varying topics from our experience as influencers. We always allow time for questions from the audience and our DM’s are open for further explanation.

This past week we held our first room and had 8 moderators. Each week the moderators may change to accommodate schedules.

Send me an email or DM me on Instagram (briana.nicole03)  for more information on the room.

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