Healthy Habits

While I am definitely not the most fit girl ever, there are a few things I like to do to stay in a little better shape. I definitely always have a goal of getting even more fit, and there are a few things I learned along the way to achieving that, that no one really [...]

Memorial Day Sales

As we remember those who have served in the armed forces, those over seas, and those who have lost their lives, we take this day off to be with loved ones and thank those closest to us.   Tons of stores participate in memorial day sales and here are a few of my favorites to [...]

Friday Faves

For this edition of my Friday Faves I wanted to share a few of my favorites for summer! I mixed a few cheap and expensive items so it goes from less expensive to more expensive as the post goes on. Check out a few of the links and let me know which ones are your [...]

Styling A Kimono

To be honest I love kimonos but anything not form fitting on me makes me look like a blob. I have to be very careful with shift dresses and anything that down plays my curves because it does not work as well with my body type. So for something that flows, I always find balance [...]