Front Tie and Pink Stripes

This was definitely one of my favorite posts to shoot while in Spain. When I shoot for a post, I usually try to walk around a certain area and find a place that interests me or I think would look good. I do not always have a set plan or place to shoot, just an outfit and a camera.
I loved shooting on this day because we were just walking around Madrid and we found so many colorful accents around the city that worked well! Flowers are my favorite and I cannot resist, and balloons on a bike? How much cuter can you get?!
Let’s talk about this outfit real quick, I have been wanting this shirt from Madewell for what seems like forever! I saw Sydney Bass (Jessie James Decker’s sister) with a similar one and I fell in love! I searched the internet, as any girl would do when they find something they love, and found this one. I fell in love with the front tie, and the back can tie as well. These shorts did not look great with the back tie but I would tie the back next time I wear it.
This shirt is SO comfortable it is insane. I love how loose fitting it is and how light the material is. It is definitely a must have for summer!

Front Tie Shirt : Madewell (similar)

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