What I Ate : Spain Edition

The food was so different than what I was expecting! While I did not prefer every dish I tried, I enjoyed trying them all. More of a varied seafood and different types of meat, not even a “hamburger” gave the feel of American food. Very much worth trying though!
I do not remember the names of all of the dishes, especially since they were mainly in Spanish, but I do have a few stories to tell with a few of these!
Salmon and a salad

Such a great authentic dish to try! We went to a more upscale restaurant for this, but they sell it everywhere!

I forgot what type of salad this was exactly, or rather how it was named on the menu. But I asked for a salad and the man said it was just tomato and cheese. I thought it would be perfect, a regular salad… but I had no idea he meant LITERALLY tomato and cheese. No lettuce. I still ate it all and it was great!

A type of cold tomato soup, not my cup of tea, but my mom really enjoyed it!
These next few pictures I shot were from the Mercado de San Miguel. It was the cutest marketplace with lots of samples and fresh food everywhere! Tons of people and a food lovers dream!

Patatas Bravas
I actually ordered this with my tomato and cheese salad but the waiter thought it was ordered for everyone, so he said that the dish was to share. The table ended up eating my potatoes with sauce and I never got to really try them for myself! The few bites I took were tasty though!

Camarón a la Parrilla
Homemade Cheesecake

Banana and Strawberry Ice Cream
We all went to one “American” restaurant in Spain for some regular burgers and fries, so we also ordered some ice cream as well. They were so good and reminded me of home!


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