Printed Set in Segovia

A day trip to Segovia, Spain was like a vacation inside a vacation! The city was beautiful and filled with amazing views. I love the idea of walking around little shops and eateries, and just spending a quiet day to yourself without worries. Along with the quaint streets of Spain, there was so much to do and so much history around you. You would never know it unless someone told you about it. Reason one why we took a tour of the city. Reason two was because my mom is into tours.
While this city may not be as bustling as Madrid or Barcelona, it definitely is a great little vacation spot for some needed down time. I mean what is a vacation without a little down time?!
The weather was not too hot, it was pretty perfect honestly! I loved this set from Zara (linked below) because I thought it was a great vacation outfit. I just love the bright print and the light fabric!

Set : Zara (top + shorts)

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