Styling A Kimono

To be honest I love kimonos but anything not form fitting on me makes me look like a blob. I have to be very careful with shift dresses and anything that down plays my curves because it does not work as well with my body type. So for something that flows, I always find balance with pieces that are a bit tighter.
Anyone that really knows me should know that blue denim shorts and a white top are my ideal outfit. It looks great on everyone and can be dressed up or down. I also love this long necklace because it goes well with the length of the kimono!
This print was a trend last year and I love the bright colors for this spring!
The bits of white on the pattern also go well with the white tee.
When looking for the perfect kimono be aware of the length to your height ratio, the color and pattern that will look the best against your skin tone, and what you will wear it with and you cannot go wrong!


Similar Kimonos : Forever 21 , Anthropologie , Altar’d State (almost identical) 

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