Stripes + Body Positivity

Summer is so close which means bikini season, short shorts, and showing some skin! While that sounds like so much fun, I think it is important to not let any negativity get in the way of that fun. I wanted to share a few of my body positive tips because I fully understand basically hating certain parts of your body as most girls tend to do. Not only is it healthier to think of yourself in a beautiful way, it makes a person so much happier as well. Good vibes only!

1. Eat right, feel right : Eating great food honestly can make you feel good! When you eat something healthy (and not just a salad!) you have more energy; I can honestly feel a difference than when I eat a burger and fries compared to some veggies and chicken.
2. Sticky Notes : In my apartment I left sticky notes all over my room saying YOU GOT THIS, EAT RIGHT, & FIT LIFE for my encouragement. Write sticky notes where you can see them daily telling yourself you’re BeYouTiful!
3. You have the ability to change : everyone has their not so favorite part about them, that is just life. So remember at least you can either work out, or accept your blessing of even having a working body part, not everyone has that blessing to be able to change or try again.
4. Endorphins : “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make people happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” -Elle Woods
Enough said!
5. For every bad thought, think three good ones : I actually have started doing this since I am such a worrier. Catch yourself mid thought and remind yourself to love yourself!
6. Do not compare yourself to others, only to yourself : Life isn’t a race, make yourself the best version of yourself because you want to be, don’t force it, constantly improve
7. Use your negative energy and make it positive : if you’re going to use the same amount of energy, you might as well make it good energy!

Striped Dress : Voge Boutique (similar) // Chambray shirt : Abercrombie & Fitch

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