Healthy Habits

While I am definitely not the most fit girl ever, there are a few things I like to do to stay in a little better shape. I definitely always have a goal of getting even more fit, and there are a few things I learned along the way to achieving that, that no one really tells you. So a few of my healthy habits, especially for staying fit over the summer are listed below! Leave a comment telling me how you stay fit!

This one may be obvious, but exercising with friends really helps with your motivation. You don’t feel like you are really working out as much as you are hanging out! This is one of my favorite types of working out.
Eat smaller portions but more often. I try to stick with meals that are no more then 400 calories so I am full but not over fed. This helps me to focus on portions and what I am actually eating.
Drinking water is the biggest thing I can recommend. Water has so many benefits and can really help your body functions in and out! Over drinking water can also flush out toxins and really help with weight loss.
Another thing I cannot function without is sleep! I honestly cannot work well without sleep, and this goes for everyone, rest and relaxation is essential to the body!
Move! Try to fit in at least 30 minutes of movement during each day. Whether it be working out or even walking your dog, move just because you can!
Half of your plate of food should be veggies. I saw this on Pinterest one time and I have always tried to abide by this. I personally love veggies so find ones you like and try to stick with this for all of your essential vitamins!

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