Club House Notes

In case you missed the recent clubhouse room or you live under a rock and haven’t joined (send me a message to join) here are some notes from our recent room! To take your own notes, ask your own questions, and get in on the action, follow the club “Influencer Advice” on clubhouse to be notified every time we have a room.

There are new rooms with a variety of influencers with a variety of followings every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 PM PST. This does not only benefit influencers, but also brand managers, content creators, marketing execs, and anyone on social media! Each week we discuss a new topic, this week we discussed working with brands. So come drop in and chat with us, I know you’ll love it!

Thursday’s Line Up: @briana.nicole03, @ashleyyyvonne, @daniellee_esther, @edenmarquis, @gen.styles, @im_lola__, @laughloveandhippie, @lexxidanica @dineinstyle, @lovesarafaye, @shaaannonmarie, @taylorgrace, @olivia_mccarthy

When interacting with brands: 

  • What is the timeline for this campaign?
  • How is the content being reused?
  • Don’t put rates on a media kit when you are first pitching to a brand – you want them to first give their budget
  • Make your rates high (but reasonable) then negotiate

Pitch template for a brand:

  • Hey BRAND, I love your product because of XYZ…
  • Include media kit
  • Sending a mood board of what you want to offer to set the scene
  • Have a location in mind for shooting content
  • Hey BRAND, I had this good idea I want to do for you…  I had this in mind…
  • In the subject line include stats (I.E. Engagement Rate)
  • Pitch products as a video, tutorial or idea


MEDIA KIT TIPS makes your own media kits and keeps your stats up to date or use Canva and create your own

  • Icons linked to your social media platform 
  • Specific ‘About Me’ description
  • People follow me for…
  • What’s your niche?
  • Add hyperlinks into Media Kit PDF

Turn PR into compensation


Influencer Platforms to Utilize:

Aspireiq – has suggested pay rates for you

Socialbluebook –  rate calculator

Mini Social Agency 

*image not my own*

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