IG Round Up

IG Round Up

I always want to stress the importance of backing up your content to a secondary platform. On top of that, repurposing content on multiple platforms allows for growth and awareness! If you follow me on my main platform (Instagram) then you have seen these images and so from here I am going to post them [...]

2020 Round Up

2020 has not been one of the best years but it is one that people will remember. I wanted to take a look back at a few of my favorite outfits and reflect on the trends that we have seen come and go. I love being able to reflect back on a single topic and [...]

Instagram Round-Up

For this post I'm sharing some of my recent outfit details, keep in mind that I am making this post a week in advance and I try to post to Instagram every day or so, so if you see an item that is not up yet, you can also message me for outfit details! Which [...]

Instagram Round Up

For any content creators, I always would recommend being posting to multiple platforms. Not only is this good for growth, but at any point, your content can be taken down for any reason. You could be hacked or it may not comply with guidelines, or the platform might not even exist anymore (I'm looking at [...]