Transition Season

One of my favorite parts of the year is when it starts getting a bit cooler because I love the beginning of Fall. Fall and Spring just sound amazing to me because the weather doesn’t seem to be too harsh and there are so many activities to do. The hard part can be transitioning your wardrobe to match the weather. I like to stick to the basics since they are my go-to anyway. I’m showing off a few of my favorite transition looks below.

What are you wearing this transition season?

An easy way to escape wearing something warmer in the morning and sweating by noon is to bring a casual sweater. I liked the trend where girls would tie their sweaters across their bodies for a cooler look. This may be last year’s trend but I still see it here and there.

If you have seen my youtube video on how to make your own knit arm warmer you are familiar with this one. I love it because its comfy, cozy and easy to throw over a simple tank. Another easy and definitely trendy way to battle transition season.

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