25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years of Life


In honor of my birthday last week, I decided I would do a quick round-up of 25 things I have learned in my 25 years of life. They are in no order and I am sure there are many more important lessons that I have learned, but here are the first ones that pop into my mind.

  1. God first.
  2. Add SPF to your daily routine
  3. People will come and go, you can’t hold on to them
  4. Validate your feelings, no matter what you feel, right or wrong, you have a right to feel that way
  5. No one is better than anyone else
  6. Give people the benefit of the doubt
  7. No one can take away your education once you have it
  8. Learn when to speak up and when to shut up
  9. Just do it
  10. You only have one body and will only look young for so long, take advantage of it.
  11. Wear what you want when you want
  12. Life is too short, make sure people know how you feel about them
  13. Money doesn’t buy happiness
  14. Everyone has their own path
  15. Drinking water is essential
  16. What works for one person’s body does not work for everyone
  17. Be spontaneous
  18. Loyalty goes a long way
  19. Only you can control what gets to you
  20. Life happens outside of your comfort zone
  21. At the very least every person deserves respect
  22. Everything happens for a reason
  23. Eating healthy and exercising just makes you feel better
  24. Be whatever makes you happy
  25. Don’t let fear hold you back

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