The Graphic Tee

I’ve been very into T-shirts over the course of quarantine since they are such an easy staple piece to throw on. I am actually really picky about my graphic shirts though. First is of course the picture itself. I don’t like wearing band tees when I can’t name one of the songs. But if it’s a cool enough graphic I’ll bend my rule. Second is the fit. I like an oversized fit. It can’t be too oversized because I am short so it makes me appear to be even shorter. And I do not like thick tees like comfort colors if I plan on tucking it into denim. I recently found the perfect graphic tee in my opinion. It is from Vici and is mostly white (a white tee is my go-to) and has a pop of pink. Easy to put on the grid and super comfy too!

Let’s take a look at the origins of the graphic tee.

Tee shirts themselves started off as an undergarment issued by the Navy. While the tee had originally trickled into fashion, it really began to boom in the 1950s when screen printing began to be more accessible to designers. Bands began to utilize this in the 1960-70s as an early form of merch. In the ’80s and ’90s it was filtered into mainstream media and portrayed logos.

Graphic tees are one of those pieces that you can always bet will be found in Wal-mart or a Forever 21. While they are not trending at the moment, they are one of those items that will always have a place in your closet.

Want an easy way to style an oversized graphic tee with a skirt? Tuck it into your underwire bra… thank me later.

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