Denim Round-Up

Denim, a classic. If I am being honest I seriously think a Canadian tuxedo can be super chic when done right. Doing it right is why I wanted to write this post. It is not always about the price tag that makes or breaks denim. It’s the wash and the fit, and more importantly how it fits on you. You don’t want it to hit at your ankles if you’re tall, and a good flare is great for slimming. But if you want to look more polished, I personally go for a darker wash, and never over wash your jeans.

My Favorite places to shop denim

Revice : I only have one pair of pants from here but I absolutely love them! They are stylist and I like the straight leg fit. This is a great place to get jeans that are more fun

Paige : I love the light, sleek look of their denim. The skinny fits look more polished and for a shorter girl like me they fit well

Zara :  Their straight leg jeans are to dieee for and I also love the baggy pairs too, definitely a must for a cool and comfy pair

Levi’s  : For that classic look you need a classic pair. Definitely make sure they are comfortable when you get them though because they tend to have little stretch. Most of my shorts are Levi’s.

Thrift Shops : For a cool pair of jeans or a really good denim jacket, go to the thrift shop, I love to search for oversized jean jackets when I go because there is so much you can do with it

POLL RESULTS : I took a poll on my Instagram to see where my followers like to get their denim.. here is what they said

American Eagle : Great for a casual look and a light wash, definitely great if you want comfort

Gap : I’ve honestly never tried but I feel that would have a great classic pair

Levis, Zara, H&M : Trendy and great price points for what you are getting, respectively

Topshop : Another great one, especially for girls that are shorter or curvy

Thrift shops : for some “gems”

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