The Influencer Series pt. 3

In case you’ve missed my recent interviews with a few of the influencers below, here are a few snippets from the IG Live Segments. To see the full interviews, head over to my Instagram account @briana.nicole03 as they are all saved to my IGTV. New Instagram Lives are done weekly!


Talking style with Cara Gordon @Cara_Gordon

“My background is in editorial, I feel like fashion in general is changing and there used to be a certain way to sell clothes in an editorial and I love an editorial for creative sake.. there is a little bit more of an avantegarde twist. Celebrity (style) is more of where we are going (in contrast to editorial).”

Talking Lifestyle with Janelle @janellemacandile

“There are so many products I swear by, one of the best tips I could ever give is to use your sunscreen. Don’t forget to include your neck and hands because you see your signs of aging there too.”

Tik Tok Tips with Labels with lattes @labelswithlattes

“Posting every single day, 3-4 times a day, following trends, using popular hashtags and select sounds that are popular and trending”

Fashion and Biology with Shelly @shellycakess

“Every field studies class we had a trip where we would stay out in nature.. there was no restrooms, it was rual, no signal and my tent got flooded. It was knarly but I loved it.”

Talking Makeup Tips from Tik Tok with Priscilla @priscillavv

“Beauty techniques have enhanced my overall way of putting on makeup. There is always a good three that I have in my everyday routine”

Fashion PR with Stella @xostellarose

“You meet people everywhere you go, you meet people who are important and important to your journey, I think that is so key. When I was in London I volunteered at Fashion week and I ended up in a cab with the founder of the PR firm.

Talking influencing with Martha @martis.raya

“I was going through a rough time in my life, (taking pictures) kept me busy and eventually I noticed my following was growing and companies were reaching out to me.”

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