The Influencer Series pt. 2

I interviewed three new LA-based influencers on different topics and I’m rounding them up for you below!. To see more of the IG Livestreams, they usually come on Monday/Thursday at 12:30 PM PST and they are saved on my IGTV.

Check out the previous blog post HERE

Liz from @mrsemontano

1. Consistency : create a consistent schedule of days/times you will be posting

2. Build a Community : Acknowledge your audience and be genuine

3. Stay on Brand : Stick to your strengths and only take on collaborations that fit your brand

Liz’s segment was on tactics for becoming a successful influencer


Beatrice from @beatricebalaj

“People don’t want to click on your portfolio, it’s easier to post on Instagram”

“Black blazers go with everything, biker shorts or dock martins or sneakers”

Beatrice’s segment was on style, she also touches on previous styling projects assisting with Katy Perry and Anna Lynne McCord

Kristina from @laughloveandhippie

“Invest in tools to do your makeup like makeup brushes and makeup sponges and they don’t have to be expensive. Investing will elevate your look”

Kristina’s segment was on makeup technique

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