Get a Cohesive Instagram Aesthetic

Ever seen those Instagram famous girls, Youtubers, bloggers or celebs on your feed and you go to their page to stalk them and their page looks like it was perfectly put together and thought out? Do you go to your page after and cringe? Hopefully not and that’s just a me thing! BUT I wanted to share a few of my tips for a cohesive Insta aesthetic incase that is you too!

One thing I do for sure is to edit for my platform. Below are a few examples of how I have done that. First is the original picture pre-editing in Adobe Lightroom. I always edit first for the blog since that is my main goal. Then I send that picture to myself and edit that same picture AGAIN but in my photo editor on my phone. What looks good on the computer screen will look totally different on your phone! Honestly just a few tweaks here and there do the trick.


Blog Post Ready

Instagram Ready

  1. Decide what you want your Instagram to look like : Do you want lots of color? And orangey feel? Vintage looking photos? More nature in the background or you doing things with friends? Deicide what you enjoy and do the most of and go from there!
  2. Use the same filter every time : Do the same adjustments every time. I like to add pink undertones to my pictures then I only mess with the highlights and shadows. I start off doing the exact same number of adjustments every time and then since every picture is different, I then edit for that specific picture, not the other way around. This makes them all follow the same rules instead of creating a new look every time.
  3. Pinterest for Inspiration : Not only is Pinterest perfect for photo ideas but I have a friend that looks up filter presets on Pinterest before she changes her aesthetic to get ideas! Check out an example of what I’m talking about here and here or just search Pinterest ‘filter presets vsco’.
  4. Use an app : I use Planoly to schedule out my pictures and decide what pictures would look best next to each other. I always try to always take pictures with a new photo placement in mind. If I’ve had too many close ups I try to take one showing off the background or if I’ve taken a picture with a group I try to take a picture closer up of just me and a friend next to it to be more diverse.


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